The Scrap’s 2020 Feud of the Year: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

Sasha Banks

Best friends, better enemies. This is the case when it comes to Sasha Banks and Bayley.

Two of the Four Horsewomen had an extremely successful 2020, holding gold while also putting on matches that entertained the masses. When they weren’t producing classics in the ring as a team, they were doing so against one another.

For years, there was always an indication that there was trouble in paradise when it came to Banks and Bayley. WWE finally pulling the trigger on a main roster feud between the two has resulted in the duo earning The Scrap’s first-ever Feud of the Year award.

Honorable Mentions: Israel Adesanya & Jon Jones, Mike Perry & Darren Till and Vasyl Lomachenko & Teofimo Lopez.

They were both heels to end 2019, with Bayley making the ultimate transition. The latter was the SmackDown Women’s Champion and the duo became known as The Golden Role Models. They would also end up owning the Women’s Tag Team titles.

Everything appeared to be running smoothly but Banks hinted at wanting a world title. She had her eyes on Bayley’s gold, but never went after it solo. Banks then won the Raw Women’s title from Asuka, making them a true dynamic duo.

As we saw in their days from NXT, however, there can only be one true dominant force. After Banks lost the Raw Women’s crown and they both lost the tag titles, it was time to end the friendship once and for all. Though it would be Bayley who turned on Banks. This dynamic was different from Banks’ heel run in NXT against Bayley, as it was a refreshed painting of one of the best feuds in WWE history.

The two would then produce some of the top promos in the company’s history. No live fans due to COVID-19 made it feel personal and to the point. The two competed on SmackDown, but there was no clear winner, saving everything for a pay-per-view event. A rivalry as rich as this one deserved a proper sendoff at Hell in a Cell.

The two ended up tearing the house down. Sasha Banks would end up winning, becoming the third women’s Grand Slam and fourth Triple Crown champion in WWE. She also successfully defended the belt in a rematch, finally doing something she has never done during her other title reigns.

Although they have gone their separate ways, for now, there is always the potential for more magic between the two. It has always been like that, as the two have a special bond. Speaking with ESPN in 2019, Banks and Bayley discussed their chemistry with one another and how they have developed. Banks in particular had fond memories of one of Bayley’s first WWE matches.

“I was Bayley’s tryout match when she first came down to FCW/NXT,” Banks stated. “And the chemistry was just right there, too. They just told us to go out there — I didn’t know anything about her — and just have a match. We did and it was just magical.”

One magical night in Brooklyn in 2015 changed how many perceive women’s wrestling, especially in WWE. In 2020, these women once again raised the bar. That is why these two, predictably so, have earned Feud of the Year.

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