The Scrap’s 2020 Match of the Year: WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov

The wrestling in 2020 was some of the best in recent memory. Of course, All Elite Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and NXT were producing fantastic matches as we expect. However, the show that produced the best match of 2020 was the one we may have expected the least.

It is no secret NXT UK has struggled to garner the buzz of its American counterpart, however, in October of 2020 it got the wrestling world talking.

Ilja Dragunov and WALTER created a piece of art that often made you forget it was scripted. That is why it’s The Scrap’s Match of the Year.

Honrable Mentions: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley (HIAC), Young Bucks vs. FTR (AEW Full Gear) and Finn Balor vs. Kyle O’Reilly (NXT TakeOver 31.

Other matches could easily take this spot depending on the style of wrestling you prefer. However, this match had everything you need for a 5-star match. As you would expect out of these two, the physicality was brutal, the storytelling was on point, and the chemistry between the two was off the charts. The goal of a wrestling match in this era is to get people talking, specifically on social media. For a brand that does not get a lot of weekly attention, this match took the internet wrestling community by storm.

Not only did the match reinforce that WALTER is a scary, scary man, but it also made Ilja Dragunov look fantastic in defeat. It is easy for one wrestler or team to come out of a match looking good, rarely does the loser come out with some shine as well.

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