The Scrap’s 2020 MMA Writer of the Year: Steven Rae

The Scrap’s MMA is such an important award for the site. With MMA being one of the core sports we began to cover, it’s been around since the very beginning. It’s also the hardest one to stand out in, with the site having the majority of its staff writing MMA.

With the pandemic happening, MMA needed creative content — and fast. No one stood out more in 2020 than our MMA Writer of the Year, Steven Rae.

Honorable Mentions: Katie Vega, Drake Riggs and Caroline Romero.

Steven Rae was another new addition to the team, coming in at the perfect time when The Scrap needed some UK presence. Since he’s come on board, he’s put forth a ton of content for our MMA and Boxing wings.

From detailed highlights to MMA flashbacks, Rae has dedicated himself fully to MMA and giving Scrap readers something new, while also providing the rich history of the sport.

We’re excited to see what 2021 brings for this young writer who was quick to make an impact in 2020. No one was more deserving of this award than Steven Rae!

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