The Scrap’s 2020 Regional Fighter to Watch: Aaron Jeffery

In 2020, opportunities to fight were limited. This was especially true for regional fighters. Many local promotions didn’t hold any events, gyms closed down, and fight cancellations were at an all-time high. It was hard to get fight opportunities, and even harder to take advantage of.

Aaron Jeffery was able to take every opportunity that came his way and win The Scrap’s 2020 Local Fighter to Watch.

Honoralable Mentions: Muhammad Mokaev, Ian Garry and Mitch Raposo.

Every time Jeffery entered the cage in 2020, he put on entertaining fights. Jeffrey had a fight cancelled in January, and had to wait until August to fight. A fight where he finished his opponent in the third round, against a fellow Contender Series veteran in the main event of SFT MMA’s first USA show. The Canadian ended up traveling to Florida, as the MMA scene in Canada was essentially non-existent.

The next fight for Jeffery was another main event, this time for the LFA. Taking on an undefeated fighter just 2 months later would be a challenge. Jeffery accepted, and delivered a second round finish in the process. And he did it in style. Sporting what has become his signature mullet and mustache, Jeffrey stood out in more ways than one.

Jeffery fought twice in 2020, and both of his fights were entertaining. He usually wears his opponent down; his endurance and strength are rarely matched. He is able to take damage and keep moving forward. His pressure breaks the will of opponents, and finished both fighters as he fight went into the later rounds. His style of stand and trade is always entertaining for the fans, but it is not always a great strategy.

At least Jeffery has a sense of humor and can make fun of himself. The combination of his talent and personality, as well as the physique of a Greek God, should endear him to fans. We expect him to fight for a regional title and the UFC in 2021.

One to keep a close eye on this year, Aaron Jeffery does not put on boring fights. Fans should tune in if they haven’t already.

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