A case for Kenny Omega to be named Wrestler of the Year

2019 was a year Kenny Omega was heavily criticized by many people. They assumed the amazing Kenny Omega of the last few years stayed in Japan.

Kenny Omega heard all those comments and in 2020, he has been on a mission to prove all those people wrong. As of right now, he has a good case for Wrestler of the Year this early.

We are not even on the middle of the year yet, but people need to pay attention to the year Kenny Omega is having right now. 2020 started off with an incredible match between Him & the Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros & PAC (now known as Death Triangle). In hindsight, this match was a good reason why TNT renewed AEW’s contract earlier than expected and saved the company during the current times we are all living.

Kenny Omega and Adam “Hangman” Page started wrestling as a tag team and were able to win the AEW tag team championship against SCU. Omega and Page had a match of the year contender defending the Tag Team Championships against the Lucha Bros.

Page and Omega would start their program with the Young Bucks building their upcoming match for the pay-per-view, Revolution. Kenny Omega in the span of a few days would perform in two contenders for Match of the Year with his ironman match against PAC. Many considered it one of the best TV matches of all-time.

Page and Omega would compete against The Young Bucks in what many consider one of the best tag team matches of all-time. COVID-19 and empty arena shows have not been able to stop Kenny Omega right now either. Empty arena wrestling has exposed wrestlers weaknesses but, Omega has adapted. Right now, he’s one of the few wrestlers that is able to perform in a high level considering the disadvantages.

During this empty arena wrestling show for AEW, Omega has delivered amazing matches against Sammy Guevara and Trent Baretta. His latest match against Le Sex Gods (Jericho & Guevara) with Matt Hardy was received with a lot of praise and considered one of the best empty arena matches so far.

2020 is not over, but Kenny Omega’s year has been incredible so far. If things keep up this way, Omega could be considered the Wrestler of the Year, without a doubt.

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