AEW doesn’t need NJPW

Most wrestling fans want for AEW and NJPW to become partners. A working relationship would benefit both big time. But what if I told you AEW doesn’t really need NJPW at all?

NJPW and ROH lost the steam they once had. The Elite (Cody, The Young Bucks, Omega and Page) left and decided to join Tony Khan (CEO of AEW) to form All Elite Wrestling. NJPW and ROH in the last few months have tried to regain some of the steam, however, only NJPW has been able to with the help of Jon Moxley. 

Meanwhile AEW has been gaining momentum. Double or Nothing was a success for the young promotion. The next AEW shows look to be also, following the trend with All Out, being sold out in 15 minutes. 

AEW has partnerships with AAA (Mexico) and OWE (China) that will help AEW get to new markets. AEW without NJPW has done great things and maybe instead of NJPW, AEW will try to get a working relationship with a Joshi promotion or another Japanese promotion like NOAH or AJPW. 

ROH who has a working relationship with NJPW is not in the best of moments. Ever since The Elite left, ROH has suffered with low attendance rates at some shows. The G1 Supercard was an eye opener for many as well. The parts of the G1 Supercard show from ROH were badly booked and made it clear ROH’s style doesn’t work well with NJPW’s style for shows.

NJPW is close to their July 6th G1 Climax show in Dallas. The show has a great card, but the attendance will be an important factor to consider. If the show draws below expectations, then NJPW should reconsider how they are doing things on their US expansion. 

AEW is doing amazing things and destroying expectations- sky is the limit. At this point, they have a good TV deal with TNT, and they have a great roster. AEW is slowly changing the world of pro wrestling and maybe it’s for the best that both promotion don’t work together.

After all, NJPW-ROH working relationship has always felt one-sided in favor for the Japanese promotion.

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