AEW needs time to develop its Women’s Division

The creation of AEW opened a lot of new opportunities in the world of pro wrestling. Just in one year, AEW has proven to be a solid alternative to the WWE in the U.S. where the Women’s Division seems to have become a focal point.

AEW is not perfect, but as time passes by this promotion will keep evolving and improving on several aspects. The development of women is important. Although, a portion of wrestling fans are not willing to see the potential of the women’s division right now.

Britt Baker 📸: James Musselwhite

Give AEW Time

AEW needs to be given time to let their wrestlers improve. Britt Baker has become one of the most entertaining heels in the business in one year. Nyla Rose is has also improved a lot in a year, and continues to evolve as a wrestler as she gains experience.

WWE and Impact have great women’s divisions right now, but they didn’t build them overnight. It took years to develop and scout talent. Likewise, people need to give AEW the time to let their female wrestlers improve. AEW will surely scout talent around the world as well.

WWE for example, 5 years ago was still in the “Divas Era” and women’s wrestling as a whole was not given many opportunities.

Wrestlers like Riho, Britt Baker, Penelope Ford, Anna Jay, Kris Statlander and Yuka Sakazaki are young with a lot of potential. In a few years with experience and more TV time, they will evolve into better entertainers.

Riho 📸: AEW

The Future

AEW has to consider adding more wrestlers to their roster. There just aren’t many TV-ready women’s wrestlers outside of WWE. AEW will need time to scout potential stars for their roster and maybe build a few of their own.

Women’s wrestling is improving in a lot of great ways nowadays. With new potential stars emerging, could they achieve the greatness of the golden age of joshi wrestling in the 90s? Only time will tell.