AEW storylines we want to see in 2020

Wrestling is all about creating storylines and taking the fans on an emotional ride while building the story. 

The culmination should result in a good match or matches. Going into 2020 there are some storylines AEW wrestling fans would love to see come to fruition on Wednesday Night Dynamite.

📸: Lee South / AEW

Darby Allin vs. MJF

This feud would be fun as MJF is one of the best heels in the game and Darby Allin is star on the indie scene, but has made a splash in AEW. Darby has a style that fans love and comes across great on TV. MJF is a technical wrestler and supreme on the mic, can hold his own against any of the top guys in the company. 

MJF’s current alliance with newly hired bodyguard, Wardlow, will put Darby at a disadvantage.

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Cody Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears (w/ Tully Blanchard)

This feud goes back to the early days of NWA wrestling. Dusty Rhodes vs. Tully Blanchard was one of the hottest rivalries back in those day. 

Fast forward to today, Rhodes and Spears trained at the WWE developmental system together and were considered best friends. That ended when Spears landed a violent chair to Cody’s head at Fyter Fest. Knowing each other for so many years gives them a great backstory, and add in that Blanchard valets for Spears, this could make for some interesting mic work from both guys. 

This feud can produce some great matches!

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Jack Hager vs. Luchasaurus

Hager is a big man, but Luchasaurus is bigger than him. Putting Hager in a feud with another athletic big guy is money and will be a great way to debut him to the AEW fans. 

They both possess power and speed, but Hager being an active MMA fighter could bring various things from that side to the wrestling ring to neutralize the Lucha Big Man. Although Luchasaurus is big and strong, he does possess some of the things that lucha wrestlers bring to the table as far as the dives and high-flying spots. 

If done correctly, this feud could produce some good matches for TV, as well as PPV.  

📸: Defiant Wrestling

Ray Fenix vs. Pentagon 

The Lucha Brothers are a great tag team known world-wide. Fenix and Pentagon are also great singles competitors. The Lucha Brothers may challenge for the tag titles in 2020, but I think AEW should go another route with them. 

Have one of the brothers turn on the other to set this feud up. The two have wrestled against each other in Lucha Underground and that was one of the best matches in the history of the organization. I know this storyline has played out so many times in the past, but AEW could take this feud in many directions. 

You can do a mask vs. mask match or have the face (most likely Fenix) join The Elite and the heel (Pentagon) join the Inner Circle. Their lucha style and knowledge of each other would definitely have the fans engaged.   

📸: Still Crew

Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho

These two guys are two of the most popular superstars in pro wrestling today. 

They had a few matches in WWE, but Moxley was up and coming, while Jericho was a household name. Now that both guys are established and not under the WWE umbrella, they could the freedom they deserve to do what they think is best for their eventual AEW fued. The two have crossed paths on the last few episodes of AEW Dynamite with no physicality, but Jericho did invite Moxley to join the Inner Circle. 

This feud should launch into Full Gear at the beginning of 2020.

AEW has some great talent and but needs to show they can build storylines. When a storyline is done properly, fans become invested in each and every match. With a blend of veterans to go with some impressive young talent, AEW can stage some great storylines come 2020.

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