Andre Ewell: Bad guy or awesome person?

Andre Ewell

The Scrap caught up with Andre “Daii” Ewell (16-6) who is spending time around the house these days watching a lot of television shows due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Ewell’s last fight at UFC 247 took place on February 8 in Houston, Texas and ended in a controversial split decision in his favor over Jonathan “Dragon” Martinez (11-3).

After breaking his arm in the first minute of the first round of the fight, the bantamweight was sporting a cast in his interview. When asked about his performance, the thirty-two-year-old said, “Truth be told, with one arm I honestly did a great performance. I was only able to do what I was able to do, literally with one arm,”

In response to his unanimous decision win, Ewell stated, “I understand leaving it up to the judge. It comes down to a split decision, truth be told, I still to this day felt that I won and everybody that watched it and knows the sport knows that I won. At the end of the day, it’s only three people’s opinions that matter and that’s the three judges that they have.”

For his next bout, Ewell is hoping to fight a ranked guy. He was also interested in a rematch with Marlon Vera to whom he lost to last October at UFC Tampa due to ground and pound in round three.

To keep in shape, “Daii” said he’s been doing a lot of shadow boxing and will be starting Jiu-Jitsu next week even if it’s with just one arm. Due to his injury he said he has also been undergoing a lot of therapy. During this downtime, he has also undergone surgery to repair a bucket tear to his knee.

Ewell has also been busy working on his Tik Tok posts. His newest post is a little piece he began working on a few months before his last fight. It is set to Billy Eilish’s hit “Bad Guy”. The inspiration behind the video, “Daii” admits is that “People were saying I am a bad guy without knowing that I am a really awesome person.”