Andre Ewell blasts Joe Rogan’s commentary: ‘I think he lost money on the fight’

A little over a month after his split decision win over Jonathan Martinez at UFC 247, Andre Ewell feels exactly the same as he did on that Saturday night in Houston: he won the fight, and there was no controversy.

In fact, Ewell believes that any shoulder shrugging in regards to the decision comes from the voice of longtime color commentator Joe Rogan.

The 32-year-old Ewell improved his Octagon record to 3-2 following the bantamweight bout. In a night full of debatable decisions, the fight between Ewell and Martinez served as team controversy’s proverbial leadoff hitter.

On Tuesday, “Daii” caught up with The Scrap to discuss breaking his forearm in the opening minute of the fight, feeling like the 30-27 scorecard from Joe Solis was correct, Rogan’s criticism of the decision and his alleged bias (according to Ewell) during the fight, being open to fighting Martinez again with a small catch, timetable for recovery from his injuries, thoughts on Sean O’Malley’s return at UFC 248 — as well as the two title fights — his new tattoos, and much more.

Check out the full interview with Andre Ewell following his UFC 247 win over Jonathan Martinez in the video below.

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