The top MMA podcasts you should be following

Rory’s List of MMA Podcasts that Fans Need to Listen To:

MMA fans are about as die-hard as it comes in regards to supporting their product. Whether it’s a PPV event or local show, the social media community explodes. They’re so loyal, that they even support the individual disciplines that create the foundation of MMA. Not only do fight fans love watching actual cards, they also love to consume all MMA content such as MMA podcasts.

So it’s no surprise when MMA enthusiasts hop on Twitter to find out what other ways they can cure their addiction. Of course, prominent media members have developed social platforms that keep the cycle of news reoccurring and fresh. Shows like Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, Luke Thomas’s live chat, Brendan Schaub’s Food Truck Diaries, and the Joe Rogan Experience provide countless hours of MMA entertainment when the cards aren’t on the television.

Podcasts are another platform that has been gaining popularity within the community. With an abundance to choose from, it’s very easy to find new MMA content 7 days a week. MMA Podcast creators make their own schedules. Which means a show could drop each and every day of the week.

Some shows are heavily guest based which allows for intimate conversations with fan’s favorite fighters. Others are opinion-based and feature a growing interactive community. Whatever your style of consumption, I’ve put together a list of the best MMA podcasts you can find.

However, this list will not be in any particular order. Due to subjectivity, there’s a show out there for everyone. I’m simply bringing awareness to shows that fans could end up falling in love with. Subsequently, don’t expect to see a list full of prominent figures in media. There will be some, but this platform will allow independent creators to shine as well.

With that being said, let’s get started.

The MMA Nerd Podcast

Host: Ashley, the MMA Nerd

The MMA Nerd Podcast is hosted by none other than Ashley, the MMA Nerd. Ashley consistently breaks down upcoming MMA Events, gives her opinion on breaking news, and shares her predictions on what she believes will happen in fights. Not only does Ashley provide incredible and knowledgable insight, but she also encourages a community atmosphere. Listers will hear fresh takes that aren’t the usual cookie-cutter regurgitated nonsense.

The podcast is available on all major streaming platforms. Listen to the latest episode HERE.

Fighting With Myself Podcast

Host: Aaron Jackson

Aaron Jackson delivers high-quality entertainment on the Fighting With Myself Podcast. As well as providing recaps for all the shows, the show heavily includes the listening audience. Aaron takes questions and gives his opinion on any MMA topic you can think of. In all honesty, he will give his unique perspective on just about anything. Expect to go on a wild ride of laughter while still getting your dose of MMA.

To participate in the show, leave Aaron a voice message HERE.

Listen to the show HERE.

Well, Actually…

Host: Fernanda Prates

It’s my article, so prepare for my bias. (Yeah, I said it.) Simply put, this is my absolute favorite of all MMA podcasts on this list.

Fernanda truly has a way of bringing some of MMA’s current issues to light. And, she does it in the most well thought out, articulate way possible. Class is truly in session as Fernanda tackles day to day headlines that touch on topics that most journalists would be afraid to mention. She also gives her unfiltered opinions on whatever she sees circulate on the Twitter timeline.

Very few journalists have the ability to conqueror pressing issues in a playful tone that is digestible to any kind of listener. Also, if you’re a troll… expect to be put in your place quickly. And, for men that believe they have the answer for everything, expect to be knocked off your high horse.

Its education, entertainment, and fearless journalism all wrapped into one show.

Listen to the show HERE.

Whoacast Podcast

Hosts: Michael Morgan and G

The Whoacast Podcast brings weekly news and interviews to fight fans worldwide.

If anyone follows the hosts of Whoacast on social media, you know you’re in for quite the ride. Mike and G bring fans the most opinionated, unfiltered, raw hot takes that MMA has to offer.

The best part about Whoacast? The show doesn’t end when the episode runs out. G brings her controversial takes to Twitter and engages with virtually every member of the community that they’ve built. From small wagers, to push up contests, expect the most synergy between hosts and community as possible.

Listen to the show HERE.

Submission Radio

Hosts: Aussies Kacper & Denis

Submission Radio is a weekly podcast that can be found on all platforms but mostly Youtube. Virtually each and every week, the boys from down under have on prominent names in the MMA world from fighters to coaches. In the conversations, the hosts ask fighters an array of fun yet educational questions.

Not only do they speak with fighters, that also have on fighter’s family members, coaches, and analysts. Simply put, the production of MMA headlines continues on with Submission Radio.

Listen to the show HERE.

Fighting Words

Host: Michael Fiedel

Fighting Words is hosted by one of the most brilliant up and coming journalists in all of MMA. Michael Fiedel’s Fighting Words MMA Podcast is an interview-based show. On the podcast, Michael interviews from promotions as large as the UFC, all the way to international promotions such as KSW.

Fans will get a chance to learn about fighters that not yet made themselves a household name. When fans listen to Fighting Words, there is a sense of feeling like the fan is growing with the fighter together. Plus, Fiedel’s approach to interviews makes for an elite level knowledgable conversation between a fighter and journalist.

Listen to the show, HERE.

The Verdict on MMA Podcasts

With this list, fans are almost guaranteed to find something they like. Subscribing to MMA podcasts has also never been easier. Simply search the title of any of these shows, click subscribe, and have fresh content delivered to you almost daily. Whether you want to be entertained, educated, or engaged in a new community, these podcasts should be able to carry any fan into the next card.

Have you decided to give any of these MMA podcasts a try? Let The Scrap hear your voices in our comment section.

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