Brok Weaver’s last fight has added ‘a little more spice’ to his story

Brok Weaver

When The Scrap sat down with UFC lightweight Brok “Chata Tuska” Weaver (15-4), he had just finished training and was “Eating some grub, getting ready to rest and train again later on.”

Weaver won his last fight at UFC Rio Rancho in February. However, he was planning for his UFC debut to be a war and was disappointed by the outcome. The action was cut short when his opponent Rodrigo “Kazula” Vargas (11-4) delivered an illegal knee at 4:02 of round one.

“That night, man, I had a mild concussion,” Weaver shared, “I was a little out of it. Everything was a little blurry and fuzzy all night long. I didn’t actually know that I was on my butt when he kneed me so I thought I was actually getting up a little bit.”

When asked if he thought the knee to his head was intentional, the 28-year-old replied, “I thought it could have been an accident. It still might have been an accident, who knows. I know stuff happens, man. But we are all professionals and we all know the rules. We train every day knowing the rules. He’s been a professional for over 10 years. It’s hard to make mistakes like that and not think that it was intentional. I think he was maybe getting a little frustrated not being able to keep me down.

“He knows that I get up good with the under hook against the wall. I was threatening with the choke, he was getting a little tired. Who knows if he was trying to throw an extra shot in there and get away with it. He might have taken the easy way out or it could have been an accident”.

The 2019 Contender Series alum noted that “It’s all good. Though I think everything happens for a reason. It’s added a little bit more spice up to my story. I am ready to get back in there and really get a fight out. I feel like he robbed me of my war. Win, lose or draw I wanted to go to war for my first fight and I feel like that was taken from me. I’m anxious to get back in there, man.”

The Alabama native said he is proud to represent the MOWA band of the Choctaw tribe. “It feels great. My people have never got exposure like this. We’ve always been looked down upon and talked bad about. Finally, being able to represent them on the biggest stage in the world and fighting is an honor. The love and support I’ve always had from them has been incredible. My people are always behind me. We’re a warrior race. It couldn’t be an NBA player; it couldn’t be an NFL player, it had to be a fighter to represent us because that’s just what we do. We are just a warrior race and we’re known for fighting.”

Weaver’s nickname “Chata Tuska” stands for “Choctaw warrior”. Acting on the suggestion of his younger brother who helps with his marketing, Weaver started chronicling his life on YouTube through episodes entitled “The Chata Tuska Chronicles”.

“They show me living in my rinky-dink trailer before and after the UFC,” Weaver detailed, “People are interested in the MOWA’s. A lot of fighters don’t really do that in their career. I think I have a very marketable, flashy theme being native and repping my tribe, so I got to show it off. Through the chronicles is how I am showing it off. You got to market yourself in this business, man.”

Speaking of business, Weaver has a message for all current and future UFC lightweights; “Don’t get matched up with me. Turn me down, if not you’ve got a long night.”

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