Community Journal Entry: Even with a pandemic, seeing my sons find ways to train gives me hope

ENTRY #21 — Caroline Romero, Canada
May 6, 2020

The COVID-19 virus has disrupted life as we know it in many ways.

As a content writer for The Scrap, the cancelling of MMA events around the world has made the job extremely challenging. I had just become used to balancing my full-time job as an administrative assistant with writing for The Scrap. My life right now is filled with reinventing what daily life means because the routine has been shattered.

I live in Ontario, Canada and this is my second week of telecommuting for my full-time job at a university. All classes have been moved to an online format in an incredibly quick fashion.

Elementary and secondary schools are closed, so I have my two children at home every day, along with my older adult son who is unable to continue working his three jobs because businesses have closed; one of which is his own gym. My husband works in the trucking industry, so he still goes out to work every day and is taking extra precautions to keep himself and our family safe.

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These days when many things are uncertain, I am reminded why I started writing about MMA. My oldest son, Anthony, is a professional MMA fighter and my teenage son is an amateur boxer. During this time, I see their commitment to training and their overall resilience every day. They are true fighters. Our driveway has become their training facility.

Every day they are out there holding pads for each other, doing cardio or sprinting on the street. Anthony is continuing to train his gym clients virtually. He is dedicated to helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle during this uncertain time. These kids are not giving up.

It is amazing to see how the dedication to the fighter lifestyle overcomes all barriers. Life will go on when this virus is over, and they will be ready to continue their sports where they left off.

Their commitment and ability to adapt to these days of challenge, gives me hope that everything in the end, will be okay.

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