Dave Leduc vs. Cyrus Washington: How to watch, start time, fight card

This Saturday on November 7, history will be made as the first official Lethwei title will be contested on U.S. soil. Courtesy of Colorado-based promotion Sparta Sports and Entertainment, the two men challenging for this title will be Dave Leduc and Cyrus Washington, who are set to lock horns in a highly anticipated rematch.

In 2017, Leduc and Washington met for the first time under traditional Lethwei rules, going five solid rounds in that years Myanmar Lethwei World Championship in the country’s capital of Yangon. Leduc used his lengthy frame to get the better of his opponent, however, due to the traditional ruleset, the fight was ultimately ruled a draw as there was no knockout. The prestigious Openweight Lethwei Golden Belt and Air KBZ Aung Lan Championship would remain in the hands of the Canadian.

As it is being advertised for $25, it’s only logical that fans are wanting their money’s worth, therefore Sparta has assembled a card filled with multiple combat sports disciplines; Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA will all be on display.

Continue reading to find out your full fight card and how to watch.

How to Watch Sparta Combat IV

The entire Sparta Combat IV card, which includes a main and preliminary portion, will be exclusive to pay-per-view.

It can be purchased and streamed through this link, which serves as the only broadcast for the event.

The action will kick-off at approximately 7pm MST, allowing plenty of time for those wanting to check out each and every individual fight. For those unfamiliar or living in different timezones, the times are as follows.

  • 9:00pm (Eastern Standard Time, Saturday)
  • 2:00am (Greenwich Mean Time, Sunday)
  • 5:00am (Moscow Standard Time, Sunday)
  • 1:00pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time, Sunday)

Sparta Combat IV Full Fight card

Main Card

  • Dave Leduc (5W, 0L, 6D) vs. Cyrus Washington (1W, 2L, 3D) – Traditional Openweight Lethwei and inaugural Sparta Lethwei title
  • Nikki Cruz vs. Khortni Kamyron – Flyweight Kickboxing title
  • Geno Shvedov vs. Noufel El Kasri – Amateur featherweight MMA title
  • Steven Lontine vs. Devlyn Dragonfly – 130lb Kickboxing bout
  • Zach Krapf vs. Jose Sanderson – 153lb Muay Thai bout
  • Sam Gaffney vs. Jospeh Her – 140lb Kickboxing bout
  • Josh Hernandez vs. Rich Morquecho – Amateur featherweight MMA bout
  • Shane Lall vs. Ilias El Kasri – 125lb Kickboxing bout


  • Llorrvic Acevedo vs. Payton Hayes – Amateur flyweight MMA bout
  • Mark Bunkley vs. Elias Egozi – Amateur 166lb MMA bout
  • Justin Carrico vs. John Spoelstra – 155lb Kickboxing bout
  • Nick Demaio vs. Nehemiah Richardson – 155lb Kickboxing bout
  • Isaiah Trujillo vs. DeMarcus Patterson – 140lb Kickboxing bout
  • Joshua Oppenheimer vs. Chris Lockhart – 205lb Muay Thai bout