Dave Leduc vs. Cyrus Washington rematch to take place on U.S. soil

On October 6, combat sports promotion Sparta Sports and Entertainment released the news that they would be hosting the U.S Lethwei debut of World Lethwei Championship (WLC) titleholder Dave Leduc, the promotions main poster boy. Leduc has been teasing fans with the possibility of a fight in the United States for quite some time now, therefore many will be pleased to see this plan coming to fruition.

Not only have the Colorado-based organization captured Leduc, but his most bitter rival, too, as experienced martial arts practitioner Cyrus Washington has the opportunity to claim vengeance when the pair meet once more. The date of their scheduled meeting is currently set for November 7.

Washington and Leduc first traded blows in 2017 before a packed crowd in Yangon, Myanmar, where the latter’s openweight world title was on the line. The champion was able to get the better of his fellow combatant over the course of the fight, however since it was contested under traditional Lethwei rules, the result was officially listed as a draw.

Since their first meeting, Cyrus Washington has been longing for a rematch, and in March of this year discussed that very topic with me.

“I’m all set and ready to fight this dude whenever he’s willing to take the challenge. There’s really nobody that hasn’t already fought Lethwei that has the skillset to knock this dude out or to just hurt him, apart from myself.” He stated.

“He’s the reason the rematch hasn’t already happened, I’m ready anytime. I’m always training, I’m always in the gym.”

The American will now get his wish, as on November 7 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the long-awaited rematch will take centre stage.

To add fuel to the fire Sparta’s inaugural Lethwei title will be up for grabs, although there are no legitimate reports expressing which weight class, if any, this belt will represent.

What’re your thoughts on Dave Leduc and Cyrus Washington competing in a rematch? Let us know in the comments below. 

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