Don’t let Greg Hardy distract you from rest of UFC Boston card

UFC has had their share of controversial fighters on the roster, perhaps none more than Greg Hardy.

On paper there is nothing abnormal about Hardy’s career. He left Football to pursue a career in MMA and made his pro-debut on Dana White’s Contender Series in April of 2018. Hardy scored a first round Knockout and as a result was given a UFC contract.

He eventually would go on to make his UFC debut on January 19, 2019. After a disappointing debut that ended in him being disqualified, he has ended his last two fights in the first round.

Hardy returns to the Octagon on October 18th at UFC Boston against Ben Sosoli.

So why is he so controversial?

Prior to his UFC career, in 2014 Greg Hardy was found guilty of assaulting an ex-girlfriend. He appealed his ruling, but the case was dismissed. Every time Hardy has fought, all the attention has been on him, and his past conviction.

I want to be very clear that domestic violence is a despicable thing to do. However, I find myself confused about the double standard combat fans are presenting. It does not make it acceptable, but we give Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson (who actually served jail time) a pass, but not Greg Hardy?

I want to present you with this. When Greg Hardy steps into the Octagon in Boston, let’s focus on things other than his past. Let’s focus on the main event of Dominick Reyes vs. Chris Weidman, the rematch of Stephens vs. Rodriguez, the very important Robertson vs. Barber fight.

Whether you want to give Greg Hardy a second chance or not, I urge you to focus on the fighters that you feel deserve the attention.

While what he did is inexcusable, we can not change it. He has promised he is a better man now and whether you believe him or not, the past is the past. If you don’t think Hardy deserves this spot, don’t give him the attention that is causing him to be booked.

UFC Boston is a stacked card full of fun fights, so give your attention to the fights and not Greg Hardy’s past.

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