DWCS vet Aaron Jeffery still a fight away from earning a UFC contract


Standout middleweight Aaron Jeffery picked up another TKO victory on Aug 13, but it wasn’t enough for the Canadian to earn a UFC contract according to his manager Matt Dodge.

“My (manager) is in talks with (the UFC) and they want to see one more (fight),” Jeffery told The Scrap. “Like I don’t think it was an overly impressive fight. I think the finish was good. But the first two rounds weren’t great. So maybe because of that. I (also) only have 10 fights, so maybe it’s because of that or my loss on Contender Series I don’t know. But apparently they want one more. So we’ll do it.”

Jeffery (7-2) has now earned back-to-back finishes with his victory over Bruno Assis last week. Jeffy was stopped for the first time in his career last July against Brendan Allen on Dana White’s Contender Series but has since picked up two straight wins. The 27-year-old is optimistic he’ll make the UFC roster eventually and sees a number of opportunities for his next fight.

“I hope (to get back on DWCS) because that’s the next biggest stage compared to UFC.  So that would be good. It sounds like they might want me an LFA as well. So I don’t know, it’s only been a week. I think we’re looking at the next four to six weeks. We’ll be back in there. So yeah it’s good.”

The Para Bellum MMA product had a great experience competing for SFT and is open to fighting for that promotion again in the future.

“They’re awesome man,” Jeffery said. “I think one of the things that they’re trying to do is like treat the fighters super well and kind of get a reputation for (that) and like bringing guys up. They’re saying like they don’t want to pump guys up to get them to the UFC. They want to kind of make them big stars like for their promotion. I think their next show was going to be Brazil in November. And they said they want me on that. It’s kind of far away from me, so we’ll see. But, yeah, but we’ll see what comes up in the meantime and if it’s it’s Brazil, I’ll do it. That’d be cool.”

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