Exclusive Release: Joey Els – Cody “No Love” Music Video

I remember telling myself that after Garbrandt destroyed Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 202, he would be the next challenger to Dominick Cruz’s bantamweight championship.

I had a strong feeling Cruz didn’t want to fight TJ Dillashaw again. Just by the way he got amped up when “No Love” called him out after the fight. My loud-mouth cousin, Hiram, was arguing his case and constantly insinuating that Dominick Cruz was going to, “school my boy” in the octagon. That he “only charges forward and Cruz’s footwork will be too dynamic” when they meet at UFC 207.

Needless to say, I let him talk. I went home and started writing what would eventually be, “Cody No Love”. After I finished the track, I told myself that I would save it for when the UFC announced Cruz vs Garbrandt for the undisputed bantamweight championship of the world.

Call me Mystic Mac, I predict these things.

Shortly after finishing the song, I filmed a music video back in my hometown of Fitchburg, Massachusetts. I did not want to rush the production, so I decided to save it for when the gold strap was around Cody’s waist. Now that it’s there, it’s time I share my music video with you all.

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