The Scrap’s 2020 Faction of the Year: The Dark Order

When Stu Grayson and Evil Uno were repacked in May of 2019 as The Dark Order, they got off to a rough start. The faction that was meant to be dark and sinister, was just seen as silly. It seemed as though the faction may have been dead on arrival.

Then in November of 2019, vignettes started airing about a mysterious leader, and on January 1st this leader would be revealed as the “Exalted One”. Many predicted this leader would be Matt Hardy, we were all very wrong.

In March, Mr. Brodie Lee made his debut as the leader of the stable and essentially rescued it. Due to the excitement of Brodie (formerly Luke Harper), the faction had been given new life and fans were interested.

In the months following the faction would do fantastic work on Dynamite, and even more so on Being the Elite. Brodie had seamlessly transitioned into a leadership role after being a sidekick for so long in WWE. He was hitting on all cylinders in every aspect of wrestling, and the rest of the faction was keeping up. Not to mention the matches Brodie had this year were incredible and showed people what he could do if given the opportunity.

Brodie’s matches with Cody and Moxley in particular were simply incredible. Brodie winning the TNT Championship in the way he did was one of the best moments of 2020, in my opinion.

Because of this, The Dark Order is the recipient of our newest award, The Scrap’s 2020 Faction of the Year.

Honorable Mentions: Inner Circle, Hurt Business and Undisputed Era.

When we look at the best factions of 2020 we have to look at the most impactful, and no faction made a bigger impact than The Dark Order. Brodie was only in the company from March until December but in that short time made an impact that will never be forgotten by the company or the fans.