5 questions about the future of Pro Wrestling

Because of COVID-19 the world of many sports has changed and it will keep changing even when things go back to normal. Pro Wrestling is no exception to this and there are a lot of questions that need answers.

What will be the future of ROH?

Before COVID-19 happened, Ring Of Honor was making their comeback after a terrible 2019. The future of ROH is an interesting subject that not a lot of people are talking about.

ROH’s parent company, Sinclair Broadcast, is not doing well financially and business-wise, this an interesting thing people need to pay attention to. Once things go back to normal, ROH needs to get their fire back.

Could a Wrestling union finally happen?

WWE firing wrestlers and several agents and other workers was a bloodbath and many fans called it “the black Wednesday”. This event also sparked the conversation about wrestlers getting a union.

Of the questions, this is the easiest to answer. It’s very unlikely that a wrestlers union would happen. WWE is going to do all in its power to kill any possibility of a wrestler union.

Will AEW and NJPW finally open the forbidden door?

AEW and NJPW were doing very well in all metrics possible without working with each other. In a similar fashion to the previous question, its very unlikely that both would want to work with each other.

Wrestling fans will have to just keep dreaming of a possible partnership between both promotions. If the NJPW-IMPACT situation is an indication of things, then AEW and NJPW will never work together.

When will ratings go back to normal?

AEW and WWE have seen a significant drop in their ratings since COVID-19. TV viewers are not interested in watching empty arena wrestling it seems.

Once you stop watching wrestling, it’s very hard for people to get back into it, especially with the WWE. The next few months it will be interesting to see if AEW and WWE are able to get back on track

What’s the status of NXT Japan?

NXT Japan was the next big project of WWE outside of the US and the UK. The firing of several wrestlers and other employees leaves a lot of doubts about NXT Japan becoming a thing.

Of all news related to pro-wrestling, this is the only one that can be considered good. The small indie Japanese promotions may not need to worry about NXT Japan for now.