Holly Holm wasn’t the only one to lose big at UFC 208

So did the UFC. After the majority decision loss to Germaine de Randamie at UFC 208, Holm is back in unfamiliar territory, riding a three fight losing streak.

After that night, it’s hard not to have reservations about this division’s success. Fans are constantly hearing about the 145-pound division being too “green,” and that the division lacks substance. We also still have yet to be introduced to the featherweight roster. It’s hard not to have reservations, since the UFC put their only star up against a woman who the world didn’t know very well.

As the MMA community waits to hear from USADA and Cyborg, hopefully the UFC can build the division around the best female pound-for-pound fighter.

Here are some options the UFC should considering taking after UFC 208:


The featherweight division

Now that we know everyone in the featherweight division is adamant about not fighting Cris Cyborg, we wanted to provide the next best steps regarding the development of the 145-pound women's division. We explore what's next for Holly Holm after her loss at UFC 208, the possibility of unifying the Invicta FC featherweight championship, and more.

Let Germaine rest

Immediately after her win at UFC 208, de Randamie stated she needed surgery. It would be in the UFC's best interest to take the opportunity to reveal the featherweight roster and let the division develop in the absence of its champion. If all goes well on both ends, de Randamie vs Cyborg for the 145-pound gold strap should be booked, since she's been the most dominant featherweight in history.

Bring on Cris Cyborg

The world is well aware of who the real 145-pound champion is. Currently, Dana White and the rest of the mixed martial arts world, is awaiting Cyborg's fate: to see if she will have to serve a suspension from USADA. If Cyborg is forced to be away from the octagon, Dana will have no choice but to start bringing in some of the best 145-pound fighters from Invicta FC. However, if she is cleared, the clear answer is to unify the Invicta FC belts, inside the UFC ring with Cyborg vs Anderson. 

Sign Invicta's current featherweight star

It's the perfect time to bring in the Australian 145-pound fighter, Megan Anderson. She has the potential to help build this division and she's ready for the big stage. With de Randamie needing surgery, Cyborg has been calling out Anderson over social media. However, it looks like Megan has other plans and is asking for a matchup against Holly Holm. I think either fight is good for the interim champion, however, the fight which makes the most sense right now is against Cris Cyborg. If USADA forces Cyborg out of competition, it looks like Anderson is one of the only options the UFC has to book.

Book Holly Holm against an up-and-comer

Holly Holm has lost her last three fights. After beating Ronda Rousey, Holm hasn't had the most success inside the Octagon. Many critics are comparing her career to Buster Douglas, who is notoriously known for upsetting Mike Tyson. She should get right back to fighting as soon as she's healed, preferably against an up-and-comer. If they put her up against Anderson, it would be a bad matchup for the former champ.

Bring on the real featherweights

The UFC needs to reveal a roster, otherwise, the hype behind the division will slowly fade in the background. We need a real list of woman to show their commitment to this division. If Cyborg has to serve a suspension, the division will be put on hold with the champion out and no real featherweights signed. This division needs the UFC's commitment more than ever. We're ready to see the real power featherweights are capable of producing like Felicia Spencer, Charmaine Tweet, and Julia Budd.

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