Is the internet ruining pro wrestling?

The internet has been both a curse and a gift for modern society. It’s evident that it has changed the way we live and how we connect to people. Many may argue that the rise of the internet has changed pro wrestling for better or worse in many different ways.

The Negative Side

The internet, and especially social media, has given a louder voice to all people. Toxic pro wrestling fans can be seen everywhere, from sexist and disturbing messages to female wrestlers, to racist out of line comments, or any other offensive comments in general to the talents. Opinions can influence people in many ways. If a WWE fan listens to a podcast, that podcast may affect the way you watch main roster shows. If you listen to a heavy negative podcast to the WWE product, you will most likely have a similar negative view towards what WWE does on TV.

Opinions can be contagious and fans may not truly be unbiased, as we think we are.

Wrestling itself has changed because of the internet. Now many wrestlers do crazy spots or insane matches in a way to get attention and likes on the internet. In turn, they put their lives in danger because of this obsession of getting likes and attention. Many forget the other fundamental parts of wrestling: storytelling.

The positive side

Not all things are negative with pro wrestling on the internet. Thanks to social media, we can interact to our favorite wrestlers at any time. Social media has allowed wrestling fans to make more friends from all parts of the world. Watching it has become easier than ever, because of the internet. The time of trading VHS tapes are over and now, with a simple Google search, you can watch any match of any promotion you want.

WWE also has their Network, where fans can subscribe to a monthly fee and search almost any match they want and even watch live events. The internet has allowed to people to learn more about the history of this sport and that’s something all fans should do. You can always learn more about WWE and appreciate the legacy and story.

The internet has also allowed the wrestlers to study all types of wrestling styles. Nowadays, you’ll see wrestlers study the Lucha Libre style or the British Strong Style of wrestling. This makes wrestlers more complete and makes for the quality of matches to be even better than previous eras.

The good outweighs the bad. Pro wrestling is fun to discuss with others, social media has allowed people to interact with their favorite personalities, be part of discussions, and a hub for memes. The community needs some improvement though, understandable so.

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