It’s time to end the Wednesday Night Wars

Wednesday Night War

The Wednesday Night War has proved some of the best weekly TV we’ve seen in years. However, is the rating battle between AEW and NXT what the wrestling business needs?

The Wednesday Night War is very different from the legendary Monday Night War. Now is probably the time to end this “war.”

NXT Failed with their Objective

NXT’s objective from day one was to prevent AEW to get renewed by TNT and they failed at that. In addition, the NXT product has changed a lot since their move to the USA Network and not for the better.

In terms of viewership, NXT has only been able to beat Dynamite on eight different occasions, while Dynamite has won most weeks (36). Similarly to viewership, NXT has only been able to beat Dynamite on one occasion in the key demo (18-49 age group).

NXT’s current objective is to prevent Dynamite to get closer in terms of key demo and viewership to RAW and SmackDown.

It’s What’s Best For Business

For the last four weeks both Dynamite and NXT have run unopposed and both have delivered good numbers on the key demo and viewership.

NXT, in particular, has done its best numbers of all year on Tuesdays. Because they ran unopposed, they didn’t need to worry about Dynamite and the booking was better than most weeks.

In a similar situation to NXT, Dynamite has done some of its best numbers all year these past few weeks.

As we can see, both shows being separated has helped them grow more than when they are going head to head.

Another interesting thing to note was that this “break” from the war made the discourse about wrestling a bit more enjoyable on social media than on previous months.


Last week Dynamite hit 1 Million viewers and was No. 7 on the key demo of that night. Also, that night had two very good NBA playoff games. Considering this, there’s no way NXT is moving to another day of the week.

The Wednesday Night Wars are here to stay and as we approach the one year mark, we can say that AEW won the first year on this war.