Jamel Herring is an active WBO junior lightweight champ managing fighters

WBO junior lightweight champion Jamel (Semper Fi) Herring has been busy on his TikTok account during the COVID-19 quarantine.

“I’ve been playing with Tik Tok to pass time,” said Herring. “I’m trying to have fun again, stay busy and keep from going crazy”.

Herring (21-2, 10 KO) won his title in May 2019 when he beat Masayki Ito. He successfully defended the belt later that same year in November against Lamont Roach Jr. Before the Coronavirus pandemic occurred, Herring was in talks to fight Carl Frampton  (27-2, 15 KO) of Northern Ireland.

“This would be the biggest fight of my career mainly because of all of the accolades Frampton has under his wing,” said Herring. “He’s a two-weight division champion. I am hungry and motivated for it. It’s one of the most anticipated fight nights of the year”.

The former U.S. marine is set to return on July 2, but an opponent has not formally been announced yet. It will likely not be Frampton though. The fight with Frampton was to be in Belfast and current travel restrictions will not allow the bout to happen at this time. As long as Herring doesn’t lose his belt, a fight with Frampton will likely happen in the future.

Along with his TikTok postings, the 34-year-old former Olympian has also been managing fighters. “I’m more concerned right now for my fighters getting busy. My career’s pretty much been taken care of, but the guys who are starting out, they’re not making the same income as I making now,” said Herring. “My main concern is making sure my fighters get out there as soon as things get back to normal.

“I’ve been trying to stay busy doing a lot of different things,” said Herring. “It’s rare to see an active world champion managing fighters and doing other things. If I’m in a position where I can give back, why not help as much as I can?”