Jasmine Jasudavicius ready to rebound and take over at CFFC 93

Jasmine Jasudavicius

Adapt or perish. These wise words have meant so much over the years. In the combat sports world, this is a battle cry. This is especially true for Jasmine Jasudavicius, who will look to rebound following her first MMA loss to CFFC strawweight champion Elise Reed.

Taking a split decision loss, the 32-year-old believes she won the fight. Jasudavicius did learn from it, however, and rather quickly.

“I thought I won too,” Jasudavicius told Cageside Press. “I thought the takedowns sealed it. But you never leave it in the judges’ hands… In life and in MMA, I learned to actually chill a little bit more. Enjoy the process more, enjoy being in there. Don’t be trying to push, push, push. Wait for my opportunity, kind of stalk my prey instead of just going at it full force.”

Jasudavicius will look to take her own advice into her next fight this Friday, March 12 at CFFC 93 on UFC Fight Pass. Fighting Ashley Deen in a flyweight bout, Jasudavicius is hoping to get back on track.

A Canadian-born fighter, Jasudavicius started her professional career in 2019. Fighting for Cage Titans and BTC, she made her CFFC debut in February 2020, beating Gabriella Gulfin via TKO. It was her second win via TKO. With an opportunity to become champion, Jasudavicius couldn’t let it pass by her, even in another division. Training with Chris Prickett and Niaga Top Team, Jasudavicius is ready to move on.

Jasudavicius faces someone in Deen who is 2-2 in her last four fights. Deen beat Salina Rowland via TKO at LFA 57. That was back in 2019, however, and she hasn’t fought since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Jasudavicius has time on her side. Can she use it to her advantage? With three wins via some form of knockout, Deen will look to quickly take down Jasudavicius before she rebuilds any momentum.

If Jasudavicius were to win, it could bring her close to another title shot. This time, it could be in the flyweight division. And what comes after that?

“Right now I’m happy at 125,” Jasudavicius said. “It’s nice to be able to go through camp and actually have real meals, not just tiny bits of food to get me through to the next practice. It’s crazy how different it is, dieting down to 115 as opposed to 125. Those 10lbs, for me personally, it’s huge. I’m pretty tall, I’m 5-foot-7, I probably weighed 120-pounds in high school. So it’s a pretty sh*tty cut for me in all honesty.” 

Maturing as these fights go on, Jasudavicius has learned to not go directly for the flashy power shots. Executing that consistently will be important. While she hopes for a decisive win and not letting it go to the judges, Jasudavicius will not be forcing herself to get ahead of anything.

She will look to do that with fans cheering her on, as there will be a crowd inside the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. Telling MMA Sucka that the fight will be for the fans, Jasudavicius will feed off their energy in a bout that is extremely important for her growth.

With title aspirations and a new game plan on her mind, Jasudavicius is in an interesting spot. Can she deliver? If so, she is hoping this is a successful chapter in what could be a storied career.

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