Jimmie Rivera is building with Legos to keep mind sharp amid quarantine

UFC bantamweight Jimmie “El Terror” Rivera (22-4) has been keeping himself occupied with legos during the Coronavirus quarantine.

“I grew up playing with Legos as a kid and it’s kind of a meditation slash keeping my brain sharp activity,” he told The Scrap, “I usually do like one a month, but since we’ve been in quarantine I have been doing one a week.”

Some of his latest projects include “The Tumbler”, a model of the vehicle from the Batman: The Dark Knight trilogy and the Roman Colosseum.“I have a few more coming in. It keeps my mind sharp. A lot of times when you are home all day you get lazy. You got to have something to do to keep you going and keep you sharp. I always do puzzles and stuff like that to keep me going.” The 30-year-old said he also enjoys Tetris, puzzles, and basically any type of activity that involves figuring out a solution.

As far as training goes, Rivera said he’s been running and lifting weights. “The toughest thing right now,” he added, “is keeping social distance. There is only so much you can do by yourself.”

As a franchise owner of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in New Jersey, Rivera has also been offering free classes online during the pandemic. He said Instructors from the gym have been doing nine to 10 classes per day for students. The classes are currently open to the public on Twitch.

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