John Silver: AEW’s Underrated Star

It is without question that Mr. Brodie Lee is the leader of The Dark Order. He is the star of the stable, with plenty of supporting characters pulling their weight. It appears that Anna Jay is being groomed for great things, while Evil Uno and Stu Grayson are making waves in AEW’s tag team scene.

There is one member, however, who has been making his presence felt both on AEW Dynamite and online. Once considered an enhancement talent, John Silver has become the true underrated star of not just The Dark Order, but AEW.

Silver and Alex Reynolds debuted in AEW and lost to Santana and Ortiz back in 2019. Not long after, they joined The Dark Order as simple henchmen. Between that time, however, they received plenty of screentime on Being the Elite. Following a restart of sorts to start 2020, Reynolds and Silver became much more prominent members of BTE. Using The Dark Order gimmick to lure people into joining, the two are involved in comedy segments that enhance both characters. That is especially true when it came to Silver’s feud with Kris Statlander.

Once it was revealed that Brodie Lee was the leader of The Dark Order, it was feared that the comedy skits would end. Instead, they increased. Brodie’s interactions with Silver have become the highlight of BTE. He also appears to be taking on a more prominent role in the show, becoming a leader in his own right. His importance was amplified during the Dog Collar Match between Lee and Cody Rhodes not that long ago on Dynamite.

Not only has Silver impressed behind the scenes, but he has also done so in the ring. Mixing it up with The Natural Nightmares, Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela, and Best Friends, among others, Silver has shown that his size does not undermine his skills.

Going back to his relationship with Brodie Lee, there may be something special lined up for Silver. As seen on the latest BTE, Silver appears to be one of the only members allowed into the former TNT champion’s circle of trust. 

He may be considered a hired gun of sorts, but Silver has turned out to be one of the most important members of AEW. With AEW for the long-run, it can only mean the fans get what they want; more Silver. As the company continues to grow, so will the opportunities for the 29-year-old.