Juan Archuleta excited for Corrales fight: ‘Bellator really made this for the fans’

Juan “Spaniard” Archuleta (23-2-0) is looking for vengeance after his last unanimous decision title match loss at Bellator 228.

The California featherweight will face Henry Corrales (17-4 MMA) at Bellator 238 on January 25.

After five straight wins in Bellator, Archuleta’s attempt at securing the belt was quashed in September by Patricio Pitbull. Drake Riggs from The Scrap had a chance to catch up with Archuleta as he prepares for his next battle with Corrales.

When asked how he handled his title match loss, Archuleta stated, “You handle it just like you do a win. You look at it, count what you did right, count what you did wrong and build off of it. Obviously it’s a title fight and it’s devastating when you lose and you feel like you let everyone down,” said Archuleta. “But to have your teammates there and let you know that you didn’t let them down; they were proud of you. It was confidence to keep moving forward and keep pushing for my career”.

In this camp, Archuleta said he has been working on distance. “Yeah, I mean, there’s a difference between distances and what we got to work on this camp is working different distances and not running in where, you know, I’m creating opportunity for these fighters to land stuff on me,” said Juan. “And so that’s what we took away from that last fight and going out there and being motivated and, you know trying to dictate first and be first and not sit back and admire things going on you know?”

Archuleta noted that he trained for the Pitbull match with fighters that he considers some of the world’s best including Lance Palmer, Cub Swanson, and TJ Dillashaw.

“I was ready for it, don’t get me wrong and when we fight again, it’s 100 percent going to be a different outcome and a different fight and I’m looking forward to it. I’m excited to build myself to that position.”

Right now Archuleta is interested in being as active as he can in the fight game, including budding his fan base and brand. As for Corrales, he had one win against Aaron Pico last year, but ended 2019 with a loss against Darrion Caldwell via unanimous decision at Bellator 228.

When asked about his plan for the fight with Corrales, Archuleta noted the uncertainty of the fight game. “You don’t really know until you’re in there. We’ll see what happens when he hits me and and see where the fight goes after that,” said Archuleta.

“We’re two Hispanics and you know what better way – we’re fighting in downtown LA and you got the Hispanic culture of both being brawlers so we’re going to go out and entertain. It’s a treat for the fans. Bellator really made this one for the fans and we’re excited to go out there and put it on”.