Ladies of the Indies: Exclusive Interview with Ella

Ella started out like most wrestling fans, especially female. With four brothers and being very close to her dad, wrestling bonded the family.

This led to her dream of being a professional wrestler. “So growing up, we would all watch wrestling together and my childhood dream was to be a professional wrestler.” Before Ella started trying to make that dream a reality, she looked up to AJ Lee. She was different, and Ella’s character would end up being as well.

This passion for wrestling would lead her to start training. As a child she planned on starting as soon as she turned 18, but that didn’t happen. “I went to college, but after a semester I knew I needed to do something else,” said Ella. This then led her to a wrestling show, and she knew that this was what she wanted to do.

Day one of training I was so nervous! It took me forever just to learn how to bump.”

As with many wrestling fans, Ella was very excited to start. “I remember my first time stepping through the ropes and the little girl in me geeking out. I was so sore for about a month, but it was so much fun.”

Ella’s character is not your typical wrestling character. “My character, Ella, is an outlet for me. She is a psycho, so this is where I can let out all my crazy, and embrace it,” said Ella. “There is also another side to my gimmick, which is Elizabeth. This is the sweeter, more upbeat babyface side.” This allows her to play whatever role a story or match calls for.

Mental health awareness is important to me because mental health is something I have personally struggled with.”

One of the bigger aspects to Elizabeth outside of the ring, is her advocacy of Mental Health. She has bipolar disorder, and really struggled with it before her diagnosis. “It was really hard for me to understand what was going on with my brain and why I felt the way I did,” shared Ella.

Ella has found an outlet in wrestling, and encourages others to find their outlet. She also encourages people struggling with mental health to open up about it. “Everyone knows someone in their life with a mental illness,” said Ella. “Being open about it can not only help people around you understand you better, but also help others who are struggling not feel so alone.”

When it comes to wrestling she doesn’t really have a goal. Ella would love to wrestle for a living, but for right now, she is just going wherever the wind takes her.

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