Monday Morning Gossip: UFC Vancouver, Sasha Banks, Local Fights, & Pull Outs

It’s tea time with The MMA Bitch.

It’s your Monday Morning Girl Talk. But don’t worry, my content is for everyone! Mondays after exciting fight cards are my favorite. As usual, I will bring to you my Monday Morning Gossip on the MMA and pro wrestling scenes.

UFC Vancouver: Cowboy vs. Gaethje

This was a such a great card! Unfortunately for Canada, many of their fighters lost. However, what a main event! Gaethje got it done against a friend and then called for the winner of Khabib vs Tony Ferguson.

Boss move shit. I like you Gaethje.

What I didn’t appreciate, but was badass, was him saying he no longer wanted Conor McGregor because he’s retired.

Aside from the main event, I wanted to talk about Todd Duffee. I can’t believe how that fight ended, but it seemed like he didn’t want to be in there whatsoever. Who am I to judge though.

I was disappointed in the ending cause I was looking forward to his return.

TRISTAN CONNELLY IS AWESOME! Wow, what a performance from the Canadian native. He really put on a show, talked his talk and also walked his walk. I am definitely an instant fan, its hard not to root for him. He just changed his life with that win.

Lastly, I was disappointed in Jim Crute, but great performance from Uriah Hall and Misha Cirkunov.

Overall, awesome card!

Sasha Banks is not our Raw Women’s Champion

Ugh, I am so mad. Banks is my GIRL! I love Becky Lynch too, but I was really hoping Banks would claim the title at Clash of Champions.

Looks like Lynch got fined for striking the referee and disqualifying herself from the match, walking away still champion.

I’m curious to see what they will do on Monday Night Raw and if we will see another Banks vs. Lynch PPV match. Main Event maybe This match was incredible and it definitely stole the show. But I hated the ended, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

It’s all part of the story though. I get it.

It’s so so good to see Sasha back!

NXT Live on USA Network

I seriously can’t wait for the first episode of NXT on USA! The black and yellow brand always delivers, but what I’m most curious for is how they use the 2 hours.

They usually do a great job with the hour they get currently on WWE Network. So do they have more wrestling? Will more storyline come into play, more mic time for wrestlers on the brand?

There are so many questions that I need answers too, but I guess I will be patient.

Zabit pulls out of fight with Calvin Kattar

In some rather depressing news, Zabit pulled out.

I was really looking forward to this matchup, it was a fight that I honestly didn’t know I needed. Not only is Kattar hot, he called for this matchup and most people don’t want to fight Zabit in the featherweight division. You have to give the man his respect.

I hope UFC gets him a replacement fight he deserves, so he can have the homecoming he deserves.

Anthony Romero hoping to start undefeated this weekend

So one of the writers in The Ultimate Writer, Caroline Romero, has a son who is undefeated in MMA. He’s also a big prospect in Canada, so I figured I would highlight him since he has a fight on Saturday in New York.

I hear big things are on his radar since he will finish his King of the Cage contract and potentially get a fight on Contender Series next year.

Regardless, he’s a fighter you need to tune in for. Big things are in store!

WWE Draft coming this October

I missed the draft so much, so I’ma actually kind of excited. But it did come out so random.

With WWE headed to FOX, I think the draft was a very good move. They shouldn’t ruin it though, since they already did in my opinion. How do you leave NXT out of the draft if it’s the “main roster” now? I think this was WWE’s chance to introduce the brand as an equal to Raw and SmackDown.

With the draft coming up, I’m actually unsure on what they will do and who they will move since I feel they did that recently with the Superstar Shake-up. But oh well, WWE is bi-polar sometimes.

The draft should be fun though, so make sure to tune into Raw and SmackDown October 11 and 14.

The McGregor FAST Games?

Conor recently posted on Instagram him biking and promoting the McGregor FAST Games.

Now I’m not sure entirely what that entails, but if he’s training for that, then he’s not training for a UFC fight. Which is so damns sad. I know MMA doesn’t need him necessarily, but I know he’s not done with the sport. He has so much still left to do, so many more barriers to break.

McGregor tweeted this yesterday and since UFC 245 is on December 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada, this date has to be for the McGregor FAST Games.

Only time will tell, but you know your girl will keep you updated on what she hears because she always got the tea.


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