Nick Maximov: ‘It doesn’t matter — grappling or MMA, I’m ready for whatever’

Nick Maximov competed on the last Submission Underground card, getting the first-round guillotine in under two minutes.

Maximov got the win over Oregon’s Adam Fugitt at SUG 14. When asked about his opponent, the light heavyweight prospect replied, “Nothing really surprised me. He’s just a typical wrestler/jiu jitsu guy. I knew what to expect.”

Being a multi-sport athlete, Maximov has found success in jiu jitsu, grappling, and of course MMA where he is currently undefeated. Enjoying every bit of the process, Maximov now looks towards regional MMA returning to continue propelling his career forward.

“I have never seen anyone win because they “panicked” or anything related to that. Being calm gives me a good mindset and a mindset of being able to think and operate in any situation.”

Always calm and collected, Maximov is ready for whatever is next — whether that is a grappling event or MMA. As a Nick Diaz Academy standout the future is bright for the young 205er, he enjoys the struggle and understand it takes a bit of it to be successful in this sport.

Whether it’s grappling or MMA, one thing is for sure Nick Maximov is one to keep a close eye on once regional MMA and grappling events continue to make their return post-pandemic.

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