Ranking AEW’s top underrated signings

AEW has made many high-level signings since their inception.

There’s the obvious superstars of The Elite, Lucha Bros, Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho to name a few. However, with signings of this caliber, it means many of their superstars have flown under the radar. Arguably so, everybody other than the names listed above, have listed have flown under the radar due to star power.

Let’s take a look at things in wrestling that do fly under the radar. Below are the ranked signings by AEW that have flown under the radar amongst wrestling fans.

#5. Allie:

Starting off my list is former IMPACT star and Toronto native, Allie.

Allie has flown under the radar for years amongst wrestling fans, and she shouldn’t. Unfortunately for Allie, her best work has been done on IMPACT Wrestling, which is not a highly viewed show. However, since her IMPACT debut in 2013, she has been one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world.

Her character work is one of the best in wrestling today and she is solid in the ring. She’s a fantastic signing for All Elite. I am so excited that she is now being given a much bigger platform to display her top-level talents that she’s been showing since 2013. I think she will be an absolute breakout star in the company and I can’t wait to see my fellow Canadian show people what she can do.

#4. Jungle Boy:

This one may have flown under the radar the most on this list because he is maybe the youngest member on the roster. Jungle Boy, son of late actor, Luke Perry, is only 21 years old. Fun fact: Jungle Boy was heavily inspired by a MMA fighter you might’ve heard of, Conor McGregor.

Obviously he has much growing to do in the ring, but he is already a fantastic wrestler. This is kind of an investment for AEW because while he is decent right now, with a few years of practice under the coaches at All Elite, he could be a huge star in the coming years. Jungle Boy has most notably performed for PWG and his signing really came out of nowhere, because he is generally an unknown amongst wrestling fans.

#3. Adam Page:

Although Hangman Adam Page is a part of The Elite, he is still criminally underrated in the ring.

When you look at the star power of Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Cody it is no surprise that Adam Page get’s overlooked. That being said, I think Page is on their level. He is extremely solid both on the mic and in the ring. While he doesn’t have 5+ star classics like Kenny, he is still a fantastic part of the AEW roster. In the coming months and years I think Page will continue to grow and get better. I would love to see him win the AEW World Championship.

He will of course be fighting to be the inaugural championship and would be a fantastic first champion to carry the brand and continue to develop.

#2. Joey Janela:

Joey Janela was on fire a couple years ago, but he suffered an injury and was put out of action for several months.

As a result he lost a bit of the hype around him, but that doesn’t change what a valuable signing he is. His wrestling style is unique because he can do so many different types of styles. As we saw in his match at AEW: Fyter Fest he had a fantastic hardcore match against Moxley, but if you don’t know Janela, he can wrestle many different styles.

Many hardcore wrestlers struggle outside of the hardcore style, but Janela does not. There are so many great matches for Janela in AEW such as Jimmy Havoc, Omega, Cody, Darby Allin, and the list goes on.

I have been high on Joey for a long time and I believe he will be a staple of the AEW product as long as it continues on.

#1. MJF:

This is AEW’s best signing that flew under the radar and quite frankly, I don’t think it is even close.

Now I’m going to be honest with you, he is not a five star wrestler. Although solid in the ring, his value really comes from his promo ability. I personally love wrestling, but it is personalities that really get me invested, and MJF is one of the best personalities in wrestling today.

He knows his character, which is annoying heel, and he plays it absolutely perfect. His promo work at Double or Nothing was stellar and I would go as far as to say he’s the best heel outside of WWE. You need good promos to get people invested in your character and your matches, MJF does it to perfection. He has the ability to get heat on himself and get the crowd behind the babyface in a single promo and in wrestling that is a skill that can not be over-exaggerated.

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