Ranking the surprise appearances at Slammiversary

The biggest event of the year for Impact Wrestling happened and it came full of surprises.

With many WWE superstars making the jump after being released to a returning Impact tag team, here are the top surprise appearances from Slammiversary 2020.

#5. Eric Young

Eric Young is one of four superstars on this list who was released from WWE, and showed up at Impact’s biggest event of the year. Young made his presence known by being inserted in the main event match for the Impact World Championship. This one is not surprising, but is probably the best post-WWE move for Young. During his tenure in TNA/Impact, he was consistently entertaining, on TV, and even held their world championship.

I do not feel his WWE run was a reflection on his abilities but post Sanity, WWE did not know what to do with him. There are certain people Impact just know how to use, and historically Young is one of those people.

#4. Good Brothers

This debut could have been a lot better in my opinion, but it was announced by Impact before the event. They also made their presence felt in the main event but after it ended, with a run-in. I think this deal with Impact is less about Impact and more about New Japan Pro Wrestling. Gallows and Anderson’s Impact deal also allows them to work in New Japan once the borders open. I believe they will have a short stint on Impact and will be on the first flight to Japan.

They are a pair of wrestlers who I think are better off in Japan, and I believe this is a time killer until they can get there.

#3. Heath Slater

This one I am extremely excited about, for Heath. Slater debuted in WWE as part of the Nexus in 2010 and lasted a whole ten years in the company. I always felt Slater was criminally underrated and one push away from being a main event-level talent. Everything Slater did in the company, he thrived in. When he was in the Nexus, when he was in 3 Man Band, when he had kids, he was always a bright spot.

Heath Slater going to Impact reminds me of Drew Galloway (McIntyre) after his first WWE run. I believe Impact will strap a rocket to him, and we will see Slater surprise a lot of fans. I also won’t be surprised if we see him back in WWE in a couple of years time.

#2. Motor City Machine Guns

I ranked this one high because it’s a personal high spot for me. The two confronted The North after they retained their Tag Team Championships. The Motor City Machine Guns are one of the best tag teams in Impact history. Their matches with teams like Beer Money were world-class. I have been wanting this reunion for many years and I am extremely excited to get it.

Impact has a decent tag division, but I think this will give it a much needed shot in the arm. They also teased feud with The North who are criminally underrated and that rivalry has loads of potential.

#1. EC3

EC3 also made his presence felt after the main event with a video promo. It is not very often wrestling fans feel that a wrestler should return to Impact, but this is one of those cases. EC3 never really got off the ground in WWE, a few good promos in NXT but nothing that shook the world. I mentioned earlier that Impact knows how to use certain people, and EC3 is the poster child of that theory. During his Impact tenure, he was consistently treated as a superstar and that was something he was not going to accomplish in WWE. One would assume he will be placed in the main event title scene immediately and put the company on his back.

If anything, his run with WWE increased his name value, and he returns to Impact after being exposed to a much wider audience. This was the best return at Slammiversary because it made the most sense.