Ranking the top MMA walkout songs used this year so far

MMA fighters usually have a ‘walkout’ song that goes with their entrance to the Octagon. Time has proven that some fighters benefit greatly from this and others do not. I would think that most, if not all fighters use their walkout songs to pump themselves up before a fight. So they would most likely use a song that really gets them in the zone to fight.

The Scrap wanted to highlight some of the best and most successful walkout songs so far in 2019.

#3. Ariana Grande – “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored”

Most recently, at UFC 236, light heavyweight Khalil Rountree Jr. walked out to Ariana Grande’s song, “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored.” He made his walk to the Octagon, where he would be fighting Eryk Anders. Rountree looked to be in good spirits during the walkout, having fun. In the fight, he literally dominated Anders through the entire 15 minutes. I would say that Rountree Jr. easily won every single minute of the fight.

He went on to pick up a unanimous decision win over Anders. Total domination. Could it have had something to do with his walkout song? Maybe. Maybe not. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

#2. “Mortal Kombat” – Original Theme

At UFC Fight Night Nashville: Thompson vs Pettis, UFC heavyweight Curtis Blaydes was scheduled to fight Justin Willis. In his walkout to the Octagon, Blaydes featured the original theme song from popular video-game series, ‘Mortal Kombat.’

For all the people who recognized the song, I’m sure it gave off an intense energy. It surely did for me and I was just watching the event on TV. Personally, I was so excited when I heard the MK theme playing and it appeared as though Blaydes was too. He seemed to be very focused, locked in on the fight, ready to go out there and put on a great performance. Especially with the whole build-up to the fight, where Willis was practically trash-talking and taunting Blaydes the whole time. Blaydes looked like he was out for blood in this one.

He did just that. Blaydes went in there and put on a wrestling clinic, dominating Willis every minute of the fight. Blaydes ended up winning a unanimous decision over Willis. Complete and utter domination. Could it have something to do with his walkout song? Maybe, maybe not. Ill leave that up to you to decide.

#1. J Cole – “Middle Child”

In the main event of UFC Nashville, Anthony Pettis fought Stephen Thompson in a welterweight clash. Pettis was moving up in weight to challenge Thompson, the #3 ranked welterweight in the world. Huge challenge for Pettis.

I didn’t think he would be able to pull it off. And I was mistaken, big time.

Pettis walked out to the Octagon with J Cole’s “Middle Child” playing. Now, if you have ever heard this song, you definitely understand the hype. Pettis isn’t the only fighter to come out to the track, it’s a popular one! It’s a great song and it really can get just about anybody hyped up to accomplish something. And what better time to play it than when you’re walking out to fight one of the best welterweights in the world today.

Pettis looked like he was having a great time walking out to this song. He was dancing and moving around, really feeling himself the whole way out. He was ready for war. And war is what we got but it was short-lived.

Pettis fought Thompson through about 6-7 minutes, lasting through Round 1 and going on to finish the fight, by KO in Round 2. Thompson had Pettis pretty much backed against the cage, Pettis took a step forward into his guard, landing a beautiful superman punch to close the show. This was probably the biggest upset of 2019 so far and literally nobody was expecting it.

Amazing work by Pettis. Beautifully done.

Could it have had something to do with his pre-fight mood, dancing his way to the Octagon, with J Cole’s ‘Middle Child’ on blast? Maybe, maybe not. I will let you be the judge of that…

But it seems like fighters with great walkout songs in 2019 have went on to have great performances and big wins.

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