Ranking WWE champions: who’s the most dominant today?

With WrestleMania now in the books, in the words of Kofi, Big E, and Xavier Woods, “it’s a new day, yes it is.” We saw all but two titles change hands on the grandest stage of them all. With the Superstar Shake-up around the corner, let’s rank all the current champions.

#8 – Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

Now look, with these two being last, it doesn’t mean they’re not dominant at all. They won at WrestleMania on the pre-show with no buildup at all. While I’m really excited for both of them, and happy Hawkins finally broke his streak, it was just a random match added last minute.

But, I hope they hold the titles for a bit and start a program with someone like The Undisputed Era or even The Bar. I just hope this wasn’t a one night thing and they have a good reign with the titles. They’re both extremely underrated and can put on good matches. Let’s only hope it doesn’t turn out like WrestleMania 32 for Zack Ryder where he drops his title the night after WrestleMania.

Every current champ right now is dominant in their own way. Some more than others, but all are talented. This list could be rearranged multiple times because that’s how good each individual is. But with WrestleMania behind us and the Shake-up ahead of us, we start a new season just like all WWE fans, am very excited to see what goes on in the coming weeks.

#7 – The IIconics

The IIconics are a really good and funny tag team. While some weren’t to happy with them winning the titles, I was thrilled they won. They can put on good matches and have entertaining programs with anyone.

At Mania, they won the Fatal 4 Way in what was a decent match. Nothing much of note, Beth hits the Glam Slam from the second rope. As she was about to do it, Billie Kay tags in without Beth knowing, Peyton pushes Beth out and we have new Tag Team Champions.

What do they have planned next? More than likely the title reign won’t be long but WWE could surprise us. I’m happy they got their WrestleMania moment.

#6 – Finn Balor

It was hard to put Finn down at #6, but considering the way he’s been booked, I had to do it. Finn Balor is a sensational athlete that deserves to be one of the top guys, but for the past few months you’ve seen him face Corbin and Lashley about a good 200 times. He should be facing Rollins for the Universal Title, but he can’t get that push to the top he deserves.

WrestleMania was hopefully the last time we see Finn vs Lashley. The match was good and quick. We weren’t expecting much, because we’ve already see it enough times. But seeing the Demon is always nice, and even seeing Finn power slam Lashley. All in all, it was okay, I’m just happy he’s the Intercontinental Champion again, because he shouldn’t have lost it.

Hopefully Balor moves to SmackDown because I feel like it would really benefit him with new matchups and better booking overall.

#5 – Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is one of WWE’s best performers all around. His promo abilities and his wrestling abilities make him one of the best today. Sooner rather than later, he should be a WWE champion. He is way overdue for a run. But for right now, he can kill it as the U.S. Champion.

Before WrestleMania, he was involved in matches with Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, and Andrade. All the matches were spectacular and made Joe look like the beast that he is. Last night made him look even more dominant. He beat Mysterio in about under a minute. Of course the reason why is because Rey’s ankle still isn’t 100%. But it was all good though, because Joe looked like a monster as he should be.

What’s next for Joe? Maybe a move to Raw in the Shake-up. But for right now, Samoa Joe is a force to be reckoned with.

#4 – The Hardy Boyz

Matt and Jeff Hardy have done just about everything possible as a Tag Team. They have held a Tag Championship in every promotion they have been in. From TNA to ROH and numerous WWE title runs, The Hardy’s have done it all.

They shocked many people when they won the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships from the Usos. This was the only title they haven’t held in the WWE as a team. They put on a really good match even though there was no backstory or history with the two, but it made for good TV and great wrestling.

Going forward I don’t know what’s next for Team Xtreme. A feud with The Revival would be money or even a team like Chad Gable and Bobby Roode. Everyone loves the Hardyz and have for a long time. No matter what feud is next for the brothers, everyone will cheer and root for them.

#3 – Seth Rollins

In a shocking twist at Mania, we had the Universal Championship opened up the night. We also got to see the crowning of a new champion in Seth Rollins.

Before the match had begun, Rollins was attacked by Lesnar and was beaten up pretty severely. But once the referee got knocked down, Rollins took advantage with a low blow and then hit three stomps on Lesnar for the win. I am so happy the title changed hands. We can finally have a fighting champion on Monday nights now.

Rollins can be really dominant with the title and put on stellar matches with anybody on the roster. Seth has said he will be a fighting champion. Who will his first opponent be?

#2 – Becky Lynch

For the first time ever the women headlined WrestleMania and it was a wonderful sight to see. You had Charlotte pay tribute to her father with the helicopter entrance. Ronda Rousey being led to the ring by Joan Jett, which was also a fantastic entrance. But finally The Man, Becky Lynch had the biggest pop of all three.

The match itself was full on controversy though. Besides most of the crowd being dead because they’ve sat through almost 8 hours of wrestling, the match ended in a very weird way. Ronda was setting up for Pipers Pit, but as she’s doing the move Becky gets the roll up and the victory. As you can see though, Rousey had her shoulders up clear as day. According to sources, the finish was botched as Charlotte was supposed to tap to Becky. But I think most of us can agree we didn’t care because we have a new champion in Becky Lynch.

She should have a dominant reign as champ, giving all she had to go through just to get into the match. But, The Man is on top of the women’s division and we will see what WWE has in store for her.

#1 – Kofi Kingston

It is really hard to decide between the top 3 as they can go in any order. But for right now, I have to go with what got the best reaction at WrestleMania and that was Kofi Kingston. We all figured that Kofi was going to be victorious, or else social media would have exploded, but it was still an awesome sight to see. For the last 11 years, we saw Kofi Debut as a Jamaican, go through a rough feud with Randy Orton, to winning the intercontinental, U.S., and Tag Team titles on multiple occasions. Kofi has had much success with The New Day, and finally becoming the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 35. This was also history making, as he became the first African-American WWE Champion.

This win just made the WWE Universe feel good inside seeing Kofi go through so much over the years and finally reaching the top of the mountain. The match could’ve easily main evented any other PPV or WrestleMania because it was that good. It had back and forth action that saw Daniel Bryan play his role perfectly and Kofi never giving up. I thought it was over after the running knee and the slow Lebell Lock. But Kofi persevered and hit the Trouble in Paradise for the win.

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