Reasons why The Rock vs. Roman Reigns is not happening

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns’ current run as “The Tribal Chief” has been universally praised. Reigns is doing some of the best work of his career and all routes indicate that the next logical step for him would be to face The Rock at WrestleMania.

Firstly, the idea of a match between The Rock and Reigns has been speculated for years now. Despite this match being a dream match that most people want to see, the timing is just not right.

The Rock’s Schedule

The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson, is arguably one of the busiest people in Hollywood. The Rock is always involved in a new project.

COVID-19 has delayed a lot of his projects thus making his schedule very tight in the coming months. Also, there’s the fact that The Rock will be working on the XFL.

The Rock could easily move things around to make the match against Reigns happen, but right now that seems unlikely.

The Rock’s previ0us injury

In his last match against John Cena that took place at WrestleMania 29, The Rock tore both his abdomen and abductor muscles. Due to this, several of the projects that The Rock was involved in at that time were delayed.

As mentioned before, studios won’t be happy with The Rock participating in another match and the possibility of one of his projects getting delayed once more.

Wrestling needs to move on from its Legends

Wrestling has this obsession with their legends and wanting them to return one more time to the ring. The business needs to invest in its current stars and not on its legends.

Could you imagine the current squad of Los Angeles Lakers adding Shaquille O’Neal to the roster? That would not happen and in any other sport. WWE, in particular, needs to invest in its current stars and push them to the spotlight.

In the long run, WWE’s decision to not invest in the future will come back to haunt them. The Rock is an all-time great and the story between him and Reigns makes sense, but Roman Reigns and the other stars need the spotlight right now.