Robert Hale ‘guarantees’ first round KO of Kenny Cross at Lights Out 7

Robert Hale believes 2020 will be his year in the sport of mixed martial arts. Now that he has become a full-time fighter, he feels he has the added responsibility to follow through on his prediction.

Another prediction “The Blue King” hopes comes to fruition is how he sees his upcoming fight with Kenny Cross goes down in the main event of Lights Out Championship 7 on Feb. 8. The event takes place at the Deltaplex Arena in Grand Rapids, Mich. and the bout between Hale and Cross will serve as the main event for the organization’s lightweight title.

Hale caught up with The Scrap to discuss his most recent main event win for King of the Cage and how he competed under the weather, when he transitioned to training full-time, why 2020 will be his year, how the fight with Kenny Cross came together and why he’s wanted it for so long, the emphatic finish he envisions, where he sees himself by the beginning of 2021 and much more.

Check out the full interview with Robert Hale ahead of his main event lightweight title bout with Kenny Cross at Lights Out Championship 7 in the video below.

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