Smash Wrestling owner Sebastian Suave: ‘Give us an opportunity’

Sebastian Suave

When people think of independent wrestling, they tend to think of American companies like Evolve or UK companies such as Progress. However, the Canadian indie scene is producing some of the most talented wrestlers in the business. When it comes to independent wrestling in Canada, there is one promotion that stands above them all, and that’s Smash Wrestling. The Smash Wrestling ring has hosted names like Samoa Joe, The Young Bucks, Kevin Steen (Owens), and even “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. In fact, the company gave Styles one of his first high-level matches following his departure from Impact.

I had the opportunity to talk to the owner of the groundbreaking company and pro-wrestler himself, Sebastian Suave.

Suave’s love for wrestling starting at a very young age. He was captivated by various wrestlers including Roddy Piper and Shawn Michaels. Then as he got older, he was a big fan of wrestlers like Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Jericho. However, like many at the time did not think his dream was possible. “I didn’t think I’d become a wrestler, I was too small, I couldn’t relocate [to Florida],” he shared.

Then when Suave was 19 he went to an indie show and found out there was a school attached to the show. “It blew my mind that there was a wrestling school in Toronto.” Suddenly his dream became a possibility, and he knew that he had to give it a shot. He had the confidence from the beginning and picked up wrestling quickly. He had a drive that was as good as anybody’s.

Then his goals redirected halfway through his career. Four to five years into his career, Suave started running events and really enjoyed it. This led to him starting Smash Wrestling in 2012. Since then Smash has succeeded in numerous markets. Part of this is due to a groundbreaking deal with Fight Network, the first Canadian promotion to do so.

Smash Wrestling is different, partly due to Suave’s unique perspective. He has been a wrestler and promoter, which means he has a bit of a better understanding than a lot of indie companies. Smash has done a lot of cross-promotion, including multiple events with Impact.

There is one man who is incredibly important to Suave, professionally and personally. Tyson Dux, who owns The Wrestling Factory in London, Ontario has played a big role in the success of Smash Wrestling. “Tyson from day one has been one of the biggest influences on me.” Tyson’s students often wrestle at Smash events, “A lot of those kids feel like my students too.”

Although he feels he is still an elite wrestler, most of his goals lay with Smash Wrestling. “My ultimate goal has always been to get my company to the highest point possible.” Smash Wrestling has a show coming up on February 23 in Toronto. If you have never been to a Smash show, Sebastian Suave has a message for you.

“If you haven’t given us a shot before, if you make it out to one show you’ll be hooked.” You can find more information on