Sparta Combat League hopes to bring back live fights Drive-In style

Sparta Sports and Entertainment CEO, Jeff Cisneros revealed a new fight event setup for this summer that will be sure to start a new trend in regional MMA and Boxing.

During these hard times with COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines in place for all businesses, the Sparta team has apparently approached several commissions about a new way to view fights and allow the eager fighters to do what they love.

Although much of what was shared with the public is preliminary, the proposal is currently waiting on approval. According to Cisneros, many have expressed their excitement in the idea and if Colorado does not approve the plan, they will bring the idea to other commissions.

“This is a very innovative, unique way for us to get fights going.”

Cisneros hopes to get things back up and running by June or July, and start off small. In order to get the ball rolling, the promotion is looking at starting off with only 4 or 5 fights. Then continue to innovate from there.

Now that the brand has evolved and expanded, Sparta Sports and Entertainment hopes to carry this type of experience to the boxing events and country concerts they hold as well. Not many regional promotions are putting forth this type of innovation. So when it comes to which promotions will come back first, you can count Jeff Cisneros and his team to be leading the charge.

The Scrap will continue to follow Sparta on the latest regarding commission approval. In the meantime, see the full announcement below:


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