Who will win the WWE NXT Interim Cruiserweight Title Tournament?


The NXT Cruiserweight Championship tournament has been a bright spot of NXT for the past few weeks. The field of contenders has now dwindled to four. In this article, I will examine who I think has the best chance of winning, let’s get into it!

4. Jake Atlas

I struggled with this list because these four men are all on a similar level. However, I decided to put Atlas at least likely due to one thing: exposure.

Fantasma still has the new toy shine, Drake Maverick has him being fired (we’ll get there), and Kushida is established. Atlas has only been on TV since January and is only 26.

I believe WWE does have big plans for Atlas but I don’t think those plans involve the cruiserweight championship. This will be an establishing performance for Atlas and give him a big spotlight, however, he will not come out of this tournament as the winner.

3. El Hijo del Fantasma

I put Fantasma above Atlas on this list for a few big reasons. The biggest reason being that Fantasma is a star. For those that may not have realized, Fantasma was King Cuerno in Lucha Underground. If you saw his work in that company you will know what I am talking about.

He is an incredible athlete and can make a lot of storylines work. I also think he is more likely to win than Atlas because of his age. I mentioned how young Atlas is, on the flipside Fantasma is 36.

While he is still in fantastic shape and I don’t doubt his longevity, age is creeping up on the veteran. To put it simply; if WWE wants to utilize Fantasma at the level he should be utilized at, they don’t have a ton of time. I do not think he will win the championship due to more compelling stories, however, I think he will impress.

2.  Drake Maverick

I’m going to go out on a limb here and saying that Drake Maverick still works for WWE. That is the reason Maverick is so high on this list, let me explain why I believe this.

When superstars are released they are generally, cut off. However, with Maverick, he is being promoted more. When he posted a teary, heartfelt video about his release, WWE played it on NXT. All that being said, I think this is very possibly a storyline. I think in story, Maverick is fighting for his job, and that so happens to be in a championship tournament.

If he advances to the finals, he is winning that championship.

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1. Kushida

For my money, this is the absolute safest bet to win the cruiserweight championship. Kushida has not done a whole lot in NXT so far but I believe that is about to change.

It has been said that Triple H has wanted Kushida for a very long time. Now that he has him I would be surprised if Triple H didn’t put this belt on him.

When you look at the four competitors left in this tournament, Kushida is by far the most likely option. He is the kind of guy that can put the division on his back and built it. Plus who doesn’t want to see Kushida vs. Jordan Devlin?

I believe Kushida will advance to the finals and be the next cruiserweight champion.