The UFC could monopolize live sporting events for the near future


Dana White recently stated that UFC Brasilia was still going to take place this weekend. But one-half of the main event in Kevin Lee made the most riveting statement. Lee shared during the week on social media the following; “….the fight should go on. It’s important that we show we’re not gonna stop living.” He went on to say other things concerning the fight but this stood out most to me.

After 9/11 our country lived in fear of terrorism, I am not comparing a pandemic breakout to what happened on that dreadful day in 2001. After 9/11 we lived in a bit of fear and reframed from doing things we found normal. Then and now, the sports world kind of stood still to allow the country to grieve and begin to heal.

When sports finally returned, they united the country and helped people return to some form of normalcy. When I read Lee’s words, they echoed the same feelings that I have been harboring all week. The NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA have all suspended their seasons due to this rapidly spreading virus. I was fearful that the UFC would do the same.

We have to find a way to resume living!

Maybe other sports will find a way back to normalcy but the UFC has options when it comes to their events, unlike other sports. The UFC can move their fights to their performance center or their newly built Apex facility in Las Vegas. Using either of these facilities will allow the UFC to still put on fights and also control the number of people in attendance.

As a fan, I don’t want to see Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson canceled, I would rather the fight happen but moved to another location that could minimize the spread of the Coronavirus or fought with no fans in attendance. The main point is that we get some kind of live sporting event back into our lives.

UFC could use its ESPN platform to televise these events and basically be the only live sporting event for at least a month.

Starting this weekend with UFC Brasilia we can once again view a live sporting event. According to the promotion, UFC London will go on as planned with no changes while UFC Columbus and UFC Portland have both been moved to the UFC Apex in Vegas. This is a prime opportunity for the UFC to be the only “live” show in town in the sports world.