UFC should acquire regional matchups, not book new ones on short notice

There are mixed emotions regarding UFC’s decision to continue finding new venues and fights to salvage cards booked over the next few weeks.

Let’s entertain a new perspective though. Whether you agree with UFC’s decision or not, there are still many fighters who want to fight. And many of them are asking their management teams to reach out on their behalf.

However, this whole situation is unique, as we have yet to deal with a pandemic in the MMA world. Several popular journalist have tweeted out an email sent to MMA managers regarding UFC looking to sign new talent with UFC London no longer happening in its original location.

Since fighters want to fight and Dana White is adamant to put on a show, UFC shouldn’t just be singing new fighters and booking them next weekend. They should pull from regional cards that were forced to cancel their cards or the ones in jeopardy of not happening.

Regional matchups UFC should rebook

There were many regional cards affected by the coronavirus outbreak that were forced to shut down this weekend, and many still in jeopardy. Although there are plenty of regional fights booked, there are only few that are worthy of being streamed on ESPN.

With many fighters taking on competition to pad their records, this is a time where UFC should reward those taking the tough matchups. As of now, the show is still on, and Dana White is more determined than ever to ensure it happens. Instead of booking new fights, UFC should acquire ones already booked on regional cards. This allows fighters to continue their current camps, and will overall be less work for matchmakers.

Use the right arrow to see the five fights UFC should consider rebooking for next weekend.

Leomana Martinez vs. Peter Caballero

Leomana Martinez is a prospect on the rise that many are excited to one day see in the UFC. Since this Fury FC card couldn't happen, let's rebook it for the short notice card UFC is trying to put together. Leomana is a top prospect out in Texas. With a 6-1 record and only 23-years-old, whether he gets the call now or not, he will eventually be in the UFC.

Peter Caballero is a tough matchup, with a 7-4 record he has more experience than his opponent. Give him a shot! Fury FC 43 was going to be a great card with this fight as the main event, so know this isn't the only matchup we felt should be rebooked.

Richard Palencia vs. Desmond Torres

It's a shame that this fight didn't happen this weekend at LFA 84. But we understand why it did not. If both are ready and UFC needs a fight that will put on a show for the fans, look no further. Richard Palencia vs. Desmond Torres was going to be a good one!

Although Torres is coming off a loss to UFC's latest signing, Steve Garcia, his record speaks for itself. He also doesn't shy away from competition as Palencia is undefeated at 7-0. At 30-years-old, this could be Palencia's one opportunity to fight for the big leagues.

Let's 100% rebook this fight in the UFC.

Justin Wetzell vs. Jacob Thrall

The main event of LFA 85 was cancelled, and the only other fight we know of on the card is Justin Wetzell vs. Jacob Thrall. WHAT. A. FIGHT.

The bantamweight division is deep on the regional scene, but to get two fighters on win streaks, with similar records and similar finishes — you're guaranteed a great fight.

Wetzell is a rising prospect out of Elevation Fight Team and Thrall has looked impressive in his fights, even when he was in trouble. If LFA 85 is in jeopardy, let's rebook this for next week instead. Both men seem ready and willing!

Jordan Williams vs. Kyle Stewart

Jordan Williams was supposed to have an insane matchup with KB Bhullar on March 14, however, an injury forced Bhullar out of the matchup. Ideally that matchup would be rebooked for a short noticed fight in the UFC, but Kyle Stewart answered the call for LFA 84.

Much respect to Stewart, although he went 0-2 in the UFC, he has since bounced back. Let's get him in the UFC again, against a tough Jordan Williams and it's guaranteed they'll put on a show for the fans.

UFC, book it. You won't regret it I'm sure.

Adrian Yanez vs. Ricky Turcios

This fight was supposed to happen under the Fury FC banner. It's been a matchup locals have been wanting to see for so long, and they were going to get it at Fury 43. So why not put it on ESPN for the world to witness?

Both men are talented, savages, and have great records. This one is a no-brainer. Ricky Turcios is a Contender Series vet. Adrian Yanez is a beast. Why not build a star next weekend and add Yanez vs. Turcios to the card?