Venum to become UFC’s exclusive global outfitting and apparel partner

In a press release on July 9, the UFC announced that Venum will become the promotion’s new exclusive global outfitting and apparel partner beginning in 2021.

The existing deal with Reebok is set to expire in March 2021. After that, UFC athletes will debut the new Venum-designed UFC Fight Kits inside the Octagon beginning in April 2021. However, Reebok will remain the official footwear provider of UFC throughout the remainder of 2021.

Franck Dupuis created the Venum MMA clothing line in 2006.  The UFC line will be high quality MMA gear and performance apparel, specifically designed and developed for UFC’s world-class athletes.

Currently, Reebok pays fighters sponsorship money in relation to how many UFC fights they’ve had.  Fighters with 1-3 bouts receive $3,500 per appearance; 4-5 bouts get $4,000; 6-10 bouts get $5,000; 11-15 bouts earn $10,000; 16-20 bouts pocket $15,000; and 21 bouts and more get $20,000. Additionally, champions earn $40,000 while title challengers get $30,000.

In the press release, UFC president Dana White stated, “We’re pumped that Venum will be joining us as our new exclusive global outfitting and apparel partner. Venum is an Iconic combat sports brand that understands the unique needs of MMA athletes.

Franck Dupuis and his team at Venum have the technical knowledge and experience that will produce world-class UFC Fight Kits and apparel.  We’re looking forward to collaborating with them on this next evolution of UFC’s outfitting program.”

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