VIDEO | Brianna Van Buren is ‘ready for a war,’ aims to finish Tecia Torres

Brianna “The Bull” Van Buren (9-2) is a fast rising star in the UFC strawweight division.

Van Buren will face the biggest test of her young career on June 20th in Las Vegas when she meets veteran fighter Tecia Torres (10-5) at UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Volkov.

We spoke with the Antdawg MMA fighter and discussed what she has been up to during the last year and how the pandemic has effected her ability to train. “My family owns a gym and we had to close down the gym and I couldn’t teach any of my students so that was really weird for me,” said Van Buren. “It started to get very boring for me throughout the day, but then I started training again and shifted my focus so that was very good for me. I am still keeping busy but it’s been a very strange time”.

Brianna made her UFC debut last July when she beat Livia Renata Souza via unanimous decision and the “The Bull” wasn’t too pleased with her performance. “I wasn’t pleased, I am so hard on myself, I always look for a finish and I knew going in against Livia she was going to be a tough girl and everyone saw during stare downs she was trying to get in my head. I try to stay focused but I wasn’t pleased with my performance so on June 20th I am going to try to go in and get the finish”.

The strawweight prospect was supposed to fight Hannah Cifers (10-5) in January of this year but an undisclosed injury forced Van Buren to withdraw from that exciting matchup. “So I had what was called trigger finger on my right hand and I had to get surgery and I tried to wait it out until after the Cifers fight, but I got three different options from three different doctors and they all said the same thing which was I have to think about longevity and put myself first,” said Van Buren. “Now I’m all good, I can punch faces and I’m as healthy as can be”.

Van Buren knows she has a very motivated Tecia Torres coming into this fight. Especially since Torres is coming off of four straight losses to four of the best in the division. We asked her if she expects to see an even more motivated Torres for this fight. Van Buren replied, “I know she’s working hard, she’s coming in to kick my butt and best believe I am coming for war and I’m ready for a war. I am hoping to get a finish and if she doesn’t know on June 20th, then she is gonna find out”.

As far as what Van Buren believes will actually happen on fight night, the wrestling standout believes she will get her hand raised and will end the night early. “I honestly, truthfully believe I will get the finish,” said Van Buren. “I am hoping I will go in and stop her in the first round and I’m thinking maybe a knee, maybe a punch. These girls don’t realize how hard I hit and I’m thinking on June 20th I’ll be able to showcase that”.

You don’t want to miss this important UFC women’s strawweight bout on June 20th when Van Buren faces Torres on the main card, exclusively on ESPN plus.

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