VIDEO: Devin Powell is ready to fight, wants Bellator contract

Devin Powell (10-4) made his Bellator debut last October when he finished Marcus Surin with a mounted guillotine at the very end of the second round.

This was a win that got plenty of attention online and created a lot of buzz for the New Englander and former UFC veteran.

Powell explained just how much he liked fighting for Bellator at the Mohegan Sun and how it differed from fighting for the UFC. “It was awesome man, I liked it because I didn’t feel any pressure. When you are doing weigh ins with the UFC, they are walking around checking your underwear and socks making sure everything is reebok, there was just so many obligations. With Bellator honestly I felt like I was fighting with a local league even though its a world wide promotion”.

Devin went on to secure a huge win over a very tough opponent and we asked about his take away from his debut. “It was great to go in there against someone who wanted to grapple with me. When I look at it from a non bias standpoint, every time I lose it’s usually because I have someone who manages to catch a kick and they waste time standing over top of me because they don’t want to grapple with me and they don’t want to let me back up on my feet either. Marcus is a fantastic wrestler and he was all in when we grappled and we had some awesome exchanges which made the fight fun”.

As for now Powell is eager to get back in the cage and find a fight. “I just want to fight, I am healthy, and honestly I’m training harder than a lot of the people out there so it’s a good time to get out there,” said Powell. “I am sure if they gave me a 55er at 170, there’s a lot of them out there that were probably enjoying the couch a lot and good food. But I’ve been training constantly and I’m ready to go”.

The question on a lot of MMA fans minds is what promotion will we see Powell competing in once he accepts his next fight. Powell explained he truly wants to sign a deal with Bellator. “I wish that Bellator would just give me a good contract and pay me, at the very least just start me off with lower level UFC pay,” said Powell. “There are guys like Aaron Pico that after one of his fights is already making 50/50 and obviously I don’t have his fame, but I have the UFC background. I just got them 35 million views on a bunch of different platforms, they were on ESPN which it’s not as common for a Bellator fight to get that much coverage and I think I should get rewarded with a little bit of coin after all of these years of fighting. I’m all about being a company man if I just get treated right and they give me the call”.

Scott Coker and the Bellator brass have an easy decision to make. Time to ink Devin Powell to a multi-fight contract.

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