VIDEO: DWCS Sherrard Blackledge on how turkey dinner lead to MMA career

Sherrard Blackledge is set to face Cameron Church tonight (Sept. 8) on Contender Series and had an interesting story about what lead him on his MMA career.

“When I first moved to Vegas, and my, my apartment maintenance man was a professional boxer,” Blackledge told The Scrap. “And this is like the first time that I’ve ever seen this dude. I go down for Thanksgiving to get the Thanksgiving turkey. I put my hands up to grab (the turkey) and he pulls it back really quickly. And he’s like ‘Hey, man. You ever thought about getting into like a combat sport?’ And I’m thinking in my head, just give me my turkey, that’s all I want. He’s like, seriously because you have like a good physique, you seem like you’d be good at it.”

Blackedge (4-0) during that period was working an unfulfilling job at McDonald’s and had moved away from Maryland trying to make a new life for himself in Las Vegas. With things not panning out, the 27-year-old decided to take up the offer of trying out mixed martial arts.

“In my head, I’m thinking to myself, ain’t nobody gonna pay me to fight,” Blackledge explained. “I get the number from the guy and go down to Las Vegas Fight Club. And he introduces me to a guy named Jason Gallegos. He’s a Filipino boxing coach and the very first day, I’m out there running my 10 laps in the back. He’s “Hey do you want to fight in 30 days?” I was like, well, I just signed up, but sure, why not?”

From there, the Syndicate MMA product made his amateur debut in November 2014, where he amassed a 7-1-1 record before going professional in 2018. Now “The Thriller” looks to get one step closer to his ultimate goal of joining the UFC and doesn’t see this lightweight matchup lasting very long.

“I think I can get I think any pull out a first-round victory. First-round TKO or first-round submission for sure. I don’t see this going the distance”.

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