VIDEO: Joe Giannetti wants Mike Trizano, Paddy Pimblett or Peter Barrett next

Joe Giannetti (9-2-1) last fought in January of this year when he beat Roberto Yong via RNC in the very first round.

Giannetti then had a fight lined up against Luiz De Lima at Cage Titans 48, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced Cage Titans owner Michael Polvere to cancel that event leaving the former TUF runner-up on the shelf.

“I think Cage Titans is probably gonna be my next fight if they don’t call me for Contender Series or a last minute UFC fight, and I hope we can get a Cage Titans card off in July,” said Giannetti. “It depends on gyms opening up and these fighters getting ready, and I know I sound like a broken record, but I keep telling these guys to get in shape and stay ready. It’s not for them, it’s completely selfish, so that Cage Titans can put on a card and I can fight”.

The pandemic may have effected Giannetti as far as getting an actual fight inside the cage, but outside of the cage the South Shore Sportfighting standout is thriving. “Honestly minus financially, it has been awesome. I wake up and train, I rest, and I train, and then I go to bed and do it all over again,” said Giannetti. “I’ve been training more now than before the pandemic because there was nothing to do. I couldn’t go to work, I could not do anything. I have this set up in my garage and I’ve been working really hard, improving and adding new things to my game. I’ve gotten in better shape I’ve got stronger and maybe it was what I needed to do to force myself to improve”.

Giannetti has long been rumored to be a replacement fighter for a short notice UFC bout. I asked Joe how close he feels he is to getting another shot at earning a UFC contract. He replied, “It’s weird to explain, I feel like I am right there and I feel like I’m right where I was before The Ultimate Fighter. It’s one of those things there is really no formula, I could be a call a way from the Contender, I could be a call away from a last minute fight, I really don’t know. I know I’m on the radar and that’s all I need to motivate me, I just want to fight and punch somebody”.

“There is a couple of guys I want to fight, everyone knows I want a rematch with Trizano, I want to get that one back. It’s not about being The Ultimate Fighter, it’s about beating somebody I know I can beat. I want to get my hands on Paddy Pimblett, whether its Cage Titans, Cage Warriors or the UFC. That kid needs a good smack. There is plenty of fighters, Peter Barrett, I don’t care if he gets cut after a loss or if he comes back to Cage Titans, or if they sign me and say your fighting this kid, ya know, he’s one of those guys I tried to make peace with and he’s always running his mouth. Where I’m from we settle it with fists”.

The future is bright for this New England based fighter, check out the full interview below:

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