VIDEO: Joe Solecki surprised with quick submission win over Austin Hubbard

Prior to UFC Vegas 7, Joe Solecki boasted seven first-round submission victories but the 26-year-old admitted he didn’t expect to submit Austin Hubbard so quickly.

“No, (because) I know how tough he is to submit,” Solecki told The Scrap. when asked about finishing Hubbard early ” You’ve seen him on the ground with some really tough guys. But with that in mind, I know that if I’m on anybody’s back, I have a chance to put them away. But I knew any time I spent there (in the body triangle) I’m scoring and I feel like the punches from the back were actually doing some decent damage. I don’t think by no means he quit, but he didn’t fight as hard as he could have. That chin kind of lifted and once I got around the chin he kind of lifted let me in. I think he kind of checked out. Not discrediting him (though).”

Solecki (10-2) became the first fighter in the Octagon to finish Hubbard and in doing so, picked up his second straight UFC victory. While the Gym-O trained lightweight wants to keep his momentum going, Solecki has a bigger challenge ahead in being a first-time father.

“‘I’m just glad (my wife’s delivery) held off from Saturday because we just got back,” Solecki said. “She’s having some contractions and went to the hospital today just to check everything out. And they said we’re gonna send you home but wouldn’t be surprised to see you back tonight. Or it could go a couple of weeks sometimes, but it’s early labor. So yeah, I’m just glad I made it to the fight. I got the win, So that was awesome. And now I get to come home, I was back to training yesterday and then today just getting to be a husband and almost a dad.”

With his family coming first, Solecki isn’t in a rush to take another fight and is aiming to return in the Winter.

” I’m back to full swing but it would be nice to be able to make some improvements,” Solecki said. ” So maybe three, four weeks, and then I think December will be absolutely perfect but if has to be January, that’s fine too. I’m not in my prime yet so if I can grow between fights get four or five months between each fight. Never a bad thing.”

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