VIDEO: Justin Jaynes says he is ‘obsessed with Gavin Tucker’

Behind The Grind had the chance to chat with new UFC lightweight Justin “Guitar Hero” Jaynes.

The 30-year-old is busy preparing for his fight booked for August 8 against Canadian Gavin “Guv’Nor” Tucker. In his recent UFC Fight Night debut on June 20, Jaynes took out veteran fighter Frank Camacho via TKO in only forty-one seconds. It was the fastest TKO in UFC debut lightweight history. Jaynes tied with Charles Oliveira for the second fastest debut finish.

Jaynes was called up on short notice for his debut. “My manager called me late Wednesday night and asked if I could make weight by Friday and I said you bet let’s go. I lost sixteen pounds in twenty hours”.

The Iridium Sports Agency fighter said he’s been studying his next opponent closely. “Gavin’s become my best friend. I stalk him, I stalk his social media, I stalk his YouTube, I stalk all his interviews. I want to hear what he sounds like. I want to see what he looks like. I visualize him when I wake up in the morning. I visualize him before I go to sleep. I’m thinking about this guy nonstop. My girlfriend is actually jealous because I think and talk about this guy way more than I do her. She feels a little jealous because she thinks I care more about him than I do about her now. By the end of this I’ll know what beer he drinks. I’m obsessed with Gavin Tucker”.

Jaynes explained why the fight will be an exciting one to watch. “It’s an intriguing match up for the fans. When it comes to grappling we’re stalemate. I’m a lot stronger, but I give him the edge on speed. That’s why the fight’s exciting because I’m more powerful than him. I’m fighting for bonuses man and if Gavin Tucker’s head gets served up I’m knocking it down man, that’s all there is to it. Keep those hands up playboy because I’m coming swinging for that 50K”.

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