VIDEO: Primo Bellarosa chats Harvey loss, VQMT opening, & Mike Perry

The head coach and owner of Vision Quest Muay Thai Maine, Primo Bellarosa, joins Between Rounds Radio to discuss how the pandemic has effected him from officially opening his new gym in rural Maine, amongst a number of other MMA related topics.

A New York native and former fighter himself, Bellarosa has been around the fight game for a good portion of his life. Primo used to be the head Muay Thai instructor at Team Bombsquad before ultimately moving his family to the great state of Maine. A decision that has him as happy and content as he’s been in a very long time due to the fact he’s been able to spend so much quality time with his wife during the pandemic. However, the flip side to that is neither Primo or his wife (who intends on opening a hair saloon) have been able to start up their respective businesses.

“By this point we had expected to have our businesses up and running. I had put the money aside to be able to open a gym,” said Bellarosa. “It would be really nice if I was going to my gym and working on building a membership base and working with fighters but the truth of it is I had a signed a lease I would have been locked in to that lease and not able to run a business.”

Timing is everything in life, which Bellarosa is well aware of. Primo is grinding it out, waiting for the right time to pounce and get his new gym up and running. In the meantime his good friends at ‘The Outlet’ in Dexter have allowed Primo to train his fighters there and get some much needed work in with his star pupil, Josh Harvey. “Hook On” has long been one of the most well-known standout fighters in the New England area. According to the new rankings of New England MMA, Harvey (7-1-1) is ranked in the top 10 in two separate weight classes.

Bellarosa discussed Harvey’s last fight against veteran Jesse Erickson, and Harvey’s mindset after suffering the first official loss of his career. “This loss hurt him but it also drove him,” said Bellarosa. “I said it to him in the locker room and again days after the fight, you have to take this loss and have it make you better not worse, that’s what defines a Champion”.

Primo is excited for what the next moves are for both him and his new gym, and for what is on tap for Harvey. Bellarosa explained he feels the next fight for the up and coming MMA star will be for the New England Fights promotion. “Barring a fight island scenario, his next fight will be for NEF. It’s a local show it’s nice to fight at home”.

Check out the full interview as we catch up with one of the most respected coaches in the New England area.

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